Easy ways to transfer android files to mac

You might be thinking that Apple and Android can never go along, and attempts to transfer data from Android to Mac will be doomed to failure. You are right insofar as the claims are concerned, in reality, both devices can co-exist together. The way files can be transferred from your Android mobile to Mac operating system depends on the models of both devices, but the things that you need to connect both devices and transfer data are no more than a valid internet connection, a standard USB cable, and an app.

Transferring Files


There is no need to get worried only because nothing happens when you connect your Android phone to Mac. With the help of apps, you can transfer all the data – movies, pictures, podcasts, and media – from Android to Mac. Here are some easy ways to do that.

Using Simplest Method

Android team has developed many Mac applications, using which you will get a pop up once you connect your Android device to Mac. Using this pop-up window, you can locate your device and you can easily transfer whatever you want.

You must keep in mind that this method doesn’t offer you many features because you can’t do copy/paste and you can’t do a quick search. This method offers you a limited feature and that is transferring or deleting your files. If you simply want to transfer things, then there is no better method than that but if you are expecting more features, then you will have to use third party software.

Using Wi-Fi

If you want to share your files via network, then the best way to do this is by use of the software called “DroidNAS”. You can use this software for transferring your data from Android to Mac, provided both devices are connected to the same network. With the help of this software, all your files including folders and SD card data will be shared on the network.

Some results indicated that while browsing the folders via networks the speed was little slow, but overall performance was good.

Air Droid

This feature also lets you share files from Android to Mac and also ensures the proper and smooth functionality of your Android and Mac device.


Dukto can also be considered efficient in terms of transferring files from your Android phone to Mac if you want a quick transfer. This feature works perfectly well if you are sharing single files. One limitation that this feature has is that you cannot browse the system.

Synchronization and Dropbox

Synchronization can also help you in transferring files from Android to Mac. All you need to do is create a synchronized folder, and add files to this folder with the help of Dropbox. You can then download these files with the help of Android client.


With premium price comes premium features and Wondershare is such case. With the $35 premium, you cannot only send files from Android to Mac but you can control your Android device from the computer; you can send text messages from the computer as well as you can manage contacts and apps.



This article is written by Lisa Myers, who works at Rebateszone. She is a software engineer by profession and has developed many Android applications so far.

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