iPhone OS 3.0 to bring WiFi auto-join for easier access

The news that the  new iPhone OS 3.0 features WiFi auto-join and a login panel all within the WiFi network functionality and administration panel on the iPod Touch and the iPhone is great news for everyone that uses their device across multiple WiFi connections, such as at home, university, work, airport, or a the coffee shop.

Althought in the grander scheme of news and funtionality of the new iPhone OS 3.0 this might seem like a small improvement, i would say that this greatly improves the usability of the iPod Touch and the iPhone in terms of getting online wherever you are, and especially for iPod Touch owners that can not access Edge or 3G networks and have to rely on the available WiFi connnections.

WiFI auto-login to come to iPod Touch

Personally i regularly connect to 4-5 different WiFi networks with my iPod Touch, with some of them being public connections such as coffee shop hotspots that require a separate login as well. With this new functionality life will become much easier as one can input and save the login information as part of the WiFi panel on the iPod Touch, for it to be remembered next time you use it and automatically connect to the network.

Looking forward to testing this functionality fully when the new iPhone OS 3.0 is made available in June time. You can read more about the benefits of the new OS for iPod Touch here.


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