Can I upgrade to iPhone 4 early? O2 releases early upgrade offer

For those of you that have not heard, Apple announced the iPhone 4 a few days ago and already the world, including me,  is awaiting the announced launch date of the 24th June. For many of us that are already Apple iPhone customers, early upgrading is needed to get the iPhone 4 at launch, but will the mobile networks let us?

Update! O2 has just announced their iPhone 4 early upgrade offer for existing customers that might still have many months left of their existing contract. In the offer you will have to pay £20 per month left of your current contract instead of having to pay off the actual monthly contract terms, which is likely to be £30+ for most of us. A few rules does apply to the offer, such as signing up for a new 18 or 24 month contract and paying the normal fee for the new iPhone 4, which is yet to be announced, and that you won’t have a change of mind cooling off period.

The early upgrade offer from O2 is valid from the 24th June through to the 24th July 2010.

iPhone 4 front and sideviewAT&T in the US are obviously trying to smoothen over some of the bad publicity received lately by changing their policy on unlimited 3G data access by offering early upgrade solutions for iPhone customers currently still tied down with their current contract.

So far none of the networks in the UK have announced any price plans for the new iPhone 4, while in the US the prices have been announced as follows, including early upgrades:

  • 16gb iPhone 4 for customers eligible to upgrade or new customers – $199
  • 32gb iPhone 4 for customers eligible to upgrade or new customers – $299
  • 16gb iPhone 4 early upgrade customers – $399
  • 32gb iPhone 4 early upgrade customers – $499

As you can see an early upgrade in the US is likely to cost you an additional $200, which might be a steep price to pay if you have 3-4 months left on your contract.

For UK customers the situation is slightly different as we have at least 3 networks offering the iPhone 4. Personally i still have 6 months left of my O2 contract on the iPhone 3GS when the iPhone 4 is launched, on a £35 a month contract. With the new early upgrade offer from O2 i would  have to pay £120 in early upgrade fee, and then the standard price for the iPhone 4, which is yet to be announced.

Before making a decision on early upgrade offers, unless they are exceptional good, i would suggest checking the offers from the other networks, taking into consideration all aspects of the offers. It might also be worth looking at the price for the iPhone 4 without any contract, as that might in the longer run pay off as you are not contracted in for a spesific period when it comes to the next upgrade.

Some networks might offer something similar as “new for old” offer by taking your current iPhone as payment for the new one as well. If not you might want to consider other mobile phone recycling schemes to fund some of the cost for getting your hands on the iPhone 4 at launch.

While we wait for the networks to announce their official early upgrade offers, let us know your plans by taking our little survey.



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