The drones take over CES 2014 as Parrot delivers flying, rolling, and jumping gadgets

The Parrot AR Drone has been a crowd pleaser at many a gadget show over the recent years, and at CES 2014 the company revealed more smartphone controlled drones and robots, including the Jumping Sumo and the flying and rolling MiniDrone.

Parrot Jumping Sumo gadget

Perhaps creating the biggest buzz was the Jumping Sumo, a two-wheeled insect like robot that rolls around, can make 90-degree sharp turns, and not to mention jump up to 31.5-inches into the air to move between levels and objects. Just check out this fun video showcasing the Jumping Sumo’s capabilities.

The Jumping Sumo is controlled from your smartphone and features a camera that can capture and send live video over its wi-fi connection. It definitely looks like a very fun gadget to play with, although it can surely create a lot of havoc around your house as well if the controller is not a master. Just a friendly warning.

The other product in the above video is the MiniDrone, a much smaller version of the popular AR Drone, using Bluetooth 4.0 connection with no on-board camera. What it does however is both fly and roll, thanks to its large connecting wheels, allowing you to both fly it like a drone, and roll it on any surface, including a ceiling as seen in the video.

Parrot Mini Drone gadget

While the Jumping Sumo can support around 20 minutes of play time between charges, the smaller size of the MiniDrone means that the onboard battery can only handle around 8 minutes between charges. Pricing and availability of both is to be confirmed.

Other flying drone-style gadgets from CES 2014 includes a small bluetooth based kit from PowerUp Toys that can turn a paper plane into a smartphone controlled flying object, a quadcopter from Rotor Concept capable of carrying and controlling DSLR cameras, and a quadcopter that Chinese firm DJI that can capture 1080p HD video from up to 300 meters distance.

There is definitely not a lack of gadgets to add to your wishlist for 2014!

[Source: BBC]

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