Download X-Factor single “The Climb” by Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry has just been announced the winner of the X-Factor 2009 and the single “The Climb” made famous by Miley Cyrus will be available to download at any minute.

Now the question is, can the song make it to number 1 in time for Christmas? The odds says yes, but the feedback on Twitter in the last hour or so is that people are not happy with the song choice for the winner. It is a very Disney like song, very american one might say, and definitely suits Joe’s voice more than Olly. There is no doubt that the machine that is the X-Factor will lead to big sales, but will they be big enough to beat the campaign by Rage Against the Machine to stop the X-Factor single from being the number 1.

If you are interested in joining the Rage Against the Machine campaign, you can download their single “killing in the name of” through iTunes or Amazon MP3 here.

Download Joe McElderrry, the winner of X-Factor, single “The Climb” from iTunes or Amazon MP3 here.


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2 Responses to "Download X-Factor single “The Climb” by Joe McElderry"

  1. Laura Jones says:

    hey i joe number 1 fan i voted 4 him every week i love 2 see him in corcet and i wont the climb on me phone

  2. pichi2x says:

    May the spirit of christmas bring happiness & joy to you and your family. And may the coming year be a positive opportunity, better life, and a more fruitful year to all. God Bless. 🙂

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