Download iTunes 10.5 while you wait for iOS 5

It is a busy week in the Apple universe with the iPhone 4S coming out this Friday 14th October, but before that happens we got the release of iOS 5 today, and while we wait you can download the latest version of iTunes 10.5, which you will need for iOS 5 and iCloud integration.

iTunes 10.5 update ready for download

While Apple is moving away from having to sync your iOS device to iTunes with the launch of the iCloud together with iOS 5, you still need this latest version to get access to these services to start with. In anticipation of millions of users upgrading their iOS firmware tonight Apple last night made iTunes 10.5 available for download.

The main news is the iCloud integration, allowing you to automatically sync and download purchases across devices, including iTunes on your computer/mac. There is also wireless syncing between your iOS devices and iTunes over wi-fi, which means that you no longer have to connect the cable every time you want to put something new onto your iOS device from iTunes.

So while you wait for iOS 5 to become available later today, you can download iTunes 10.5 for free from here, or open up your current iTunes version and look for the update through (1) iTunes – check for updates on a Mac or (2) Help – check for updates on a Windows computer.


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