iTunes 10.3 beta available to download with a taste of iCloud

Apple has now made iTunes 10.3 beta available to download, including a taste of some of the iCloud features to come later this year when the new service is rolled out in is full capacity together with iOS 5.

What’s new in iTunes 10.3

With the beta release of iTunes 10.3 Apple has amongst other introduced the following features that are related to the iCloud.

iTunes 10.3 beta released with iCloud features

Automatic Downloads

Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and iOS devices that are registered with the same Apple iD (you can have up to 10 devices).

There is also a feature to see past purchases and download them to your other devices at no charge, but past purchases for music is not yet a feature available for UK customers due to licensing rights.

All your App purchases

You can access all your previous app purchases and re-download them to all your devices if you so choose from iTunes Store in iTunes 10.3, just like you can look at previous purchases and autodownload through App Store on your iOS device

Book store launched

Previously the book store was only available on the App Store on your iOS device, but now it has also been added to iTunes Store for easy browsing and purchase of your digital books.

All purchases, new and past, can automatically be downloaded to all your iOS devices or Mac, although you can only read them on your iOS device as of yet.

How to get iTunes 10.3 beta

As i mentioned, iTunes 10.3 is available to download now through Apple.com. Here are links to relevant versions:

Feel free to let us know how you get on with the new iCloud services in iTunes 10.3 by leaving a comment below.


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