My Doodles Monkey Kids Dock Review

My Doodles Kids Monkey dock

The brand that brought the noise-limiting kids character based headphones have now set out to deliver a safe place for kids tablets and iPads to be stored and used with their character based kids dock, including this Monkey Kids speaker dock as reviewed here.

My Doodles Kids Monkey dock


The idea behind the My Doodles Kids dock is that it provides a secure and easy place to leave and interact with tablets or smartphones, while enjoying improved audio experience watching their favourite programs etc. This version of the dock is shaped as a monkeys head.

Overall the unit is sturdy and with a solid footing. It does not feature a traditional pin dock, instead it has a docking tray to let the tablet/smartphone sit securely, and then you can connect the charging cable to the back of the dock for charging. There’s even two connections allowing you to connect and charge up to two devices at a time.

My Doodles Kids Dock

Audio can be enjoyed either through wireless Bluetooth pairing, or you can use an included 3.5mm audio jack that connects to the back of the speaker as well. They have even included aptX support for higher quality audio stream from compatible devices.


With more and more kids having access to tablets these days, bringing out a kids friendly dock like this does make sense. The people behind My Doodles Kids Dock has done a good job in delivering what looks and feels like a kids friendly design, even down to the packaging, with the Monkey one featuring a little game of finding what is missing from a photo right on the outside of the box.

The dock itself is sturdy and not to light, which means that it will stay in place and not get knocked down to easily. I think it was smart not to feature a pin style docking station and instead going for a docking tray and using the charging cable, as with kids using it the docking pin can be fragile for rough usage. Plus having usb ports for charging cables makes the dock more universal friendly and not just for Apple devices.

Pairing for bluetooth was easy following the included instructions, and the sound that the dock produced is an improvement on using the built in speaker, in this case of the iPad Air. The volume also goes up quite high, but not to the point of being too loud and distorted. I did experience some bluetooth interference occasionally, but otherwise the sounds was well balanced and clear.


  • Build quality feels good and sturdy
  • Dual usb for charging more than one device at the time
  • Audio performance is good, plus they have included aptX support
  • Fun and kids friendly design


  • Some bluetooth audio interference experienced occasionally
  • With the iPad in landscape mode, the docking tray does make access to some touch actions close to the edges of the screen a bit tricky


The My Doodles Kids Dock feels like a nice and kids friendly product that not only will provide a safer storage solution for kids to leave their tablets on, but also provide them with a better audio experience. In the end its a simple docking solution, but they have done an overall good job in delivering a quality product.

Price & availability

The My Doodles Kids speaker dock might have started out as a Kickstarter project, but has now received alternative funding and will become available on Amazon just in time for Christmas according to the message on their Kickstarter page. Pricing is expected to be around £69.

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