Dissecting the iPad 2 – What has been found on the inside

Although Apple has provided specifications on their website and during launch of the Apple iPad 2, they were far from complete and detailed into every aspect of the iPad 2. The guys over at iFixit have gotten their hands on the iPad 2 at launch and have now dissected it.

In the interest of our readers we are providing a summary of some of the findings here. It is not recommended that you try this at home yourself, unless you really know what you are doing. Besides, no reason for everyone to tear a perfectly working iPad 2 apart.

  •  The battery has received a slight upgrade from the 3.8V 24.8 watt-hours on the original iPad to a 25 watt-hours battery unit on the iPad 2.
  • It features the same Broadcom touchscreen controllers as the original iPad
  • The Apple A5 dual-core processor is a 1GHz with a 200MHz bus and 512mb of RAM – perhaps a bit disappointing that it does not have 1gb of RAM.

While iFixit has been dissecting the hardware of the iPad 2, there are a few others that have been testing more the performance side of some of the hardware components, including AnandTech which have been testing the iPad 2 GPU performance.

  •  Running web browsing tests they found the new A5 dual-core processor to be 50% faster than the old A4 found in the original iPad.
  • The GPU is an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 543MP2
  • In the tests they ran the iPad 2 far outperformed both the old iPad as well as the Motorola Xoom, which is one of the higher spec Android Tablets in the market a the moment.

The same guys also had a closer look at the camera quality, which was found to be dissapointing, as the iPad 2 basically features the same cameras as you will find on the iPod Touch 4, and far below the quality of the iPhone 4 camera.

You can read our intitial iPad 2 review here.


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