Denon AirPlay upgrade: How to upgrade your Denon AV to Airplay

With Denon announcing the release of the 2011 season Airplay enabled AV receivers that are due out in the coming month or so, some of you might be wondering if you need to upgrade your AV receiver to enable AirPlay. When it comes to Denon, there is an alternative for some older/current devices.

Denon AVR-4311 AV receiver

If you currently own any of the following Denon products you will be able to upgrade the software to support Airplay:

All of the above Denon devices can be upgraded simply by installing a software upgrade that will enable Apple Airplay functionality on the device, as they are all network enabled devices.

The Denon AirPlay upgrade is not a free upgrade thought, but considering the cost of £39 for the UK, it could be a good option if you are otherwise happy with the performance of your Denon AVR. In fact, Denon UK have a very useful guide to help you along with your upgrade right here.

Once you have paid and installed the upgrade you will be able to enjoy streaming directly from your iOS device (running iOS 4.2 or newer) or from iTunes on your computer/mac.


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One Response to "Denon AirPlay upgrade: How to upgrade your Denon AV to Airplay"

  1. Ed says:

    Note for European Owners:
    If you already own an AirPlay compatible AV component from Denon, you can upgrade to enjoy this exclusive technology for free until Dec 31st 2011 using your device’s “Feature Upgrade.” Head to http://airplay.denon-upgrade.eu for more information.

    Why this is only for the EU and not the US I don’t know, but makes me mad! :-(

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