Usability app of the week: Danske Bank uses camera to pay bills

If you are anything like me, banking is not something that you do with pleasure. Doesn’t matter how simplified things have become doing banking online, it is still a chore. However, it looks like some financial institutions are starting to think differently using mobile solutions.

Danske Bank innovative iPhone appThe usability app of the week in my opinion is from Denmark. Danske Bank have delivered an app for the iPhone that uses the camera of the phone to scan in bills for payment. All you have to do now to pay your bills is open the app on your iPhone, take a picture of the bill, and the app does the rest in terms of filling in information about recipient, bank account etc. It takes all the hassle out of having to type in information on the relative small screen on your iPhone, and instead makes it a slightly more interesting task.

Danske Bank is not the first financial institution to utilize the camera on the iPhone to make life easier for its customers though, as both Paypal and Chase Bank allow you to take a picture of a check to deposit it. Which raises another question; who uses checks anymore??

You can read more about the app from Danske Bank here. At the moment it is only available in danish though.

Hopefully UK banks will follow in the footsteps of the Scandinavians, and start delivering some truly innovative mobile banking solutions as well soon. I definitely need it!

[source: Tuaw]


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