Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers review – surface enhanced

Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers

Yorkshire based audio manufacturer Damson already have a couple of wireless portable speakers in their portfolio, but their latest invention, the Damson Jet, claims to be a “World’s first” as the duo provides true left/right stereo over Bluetooth with no wires.

Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers

The can-styled Damson Jet speakers come in pairs to allow for their left / right stereo performance. Measuring a mere 7.5cm tall and under 6cm in diameter they fit easily in each hand, and the built in lithium-ion battery in each of the speakers ensures a good level of portability. A combination of hard plastic elements and a rubbery finish for the main surface means that the speakers feel sturdy and well built. Color options include red, blue, silver/black and all black. Power buttons are located on the top of each unit, along with the hands-free call acceptance button. At the back of the unit you find both line-in and line-out ports, as well as Micro USB for charging each device (package includes a charging cable with split Micro USB for charging both speakers at the same time). Both speakers are slightly elevated on a foot that not only provides a secure non-slip stand, but also is key to the overall audio performance of the speakers.

Besides both speakers including a driver that is optimised for audio above 200Hz, the Jet speakers resonating foot uses its secret weapon, the Incisor Diffusion Technology, to produce improved low frequency bass performance using the surface the speakers stands on. Depending on the surface you have the Jets standing on, you will get a slightly different audio performance.

Streaming is done over Bluetooth by pairing your device with the left Damson Jet speaker, which then retains the left audio signal while transmitting the right audio to its right sibling. The pairing instructions are straight forward and to the point, and if you have an NFC enabled smartphone or tablet, the Damson Jet supports NFC pairing by tapping just under the logo on the front of the speaker.

Damson Jet Review

The Damson Jet certainly fulfills the small footprint promise as the speakers are like two small cans, and with roughly the same weight as well. As mentioned earlier, the build quality feels very good and solid, so carrying them around with you should not be an issue. The packaging also includes a couple of handy carry pouches for the speakers that provides an extra level of protection. Pairing it with my audio devices was also simple, although I had some issues trying out the NFC pairing, but to be fair, I have experienced that with other devices as well, so could be the smartphone I was using for testing.

Where the Damson Jet starts getting interesting is when testing it out on different surfaces to get a feel for how the Incisor Diffusion Technology works. If you hold the speakers in your hands, the sound is very small, but as soon as I place it on a hard surface, such as my desk, the sound changes completely, and I get a nice level of bass performance that resonates through the desk. Clever. The left / right stereo separation is there, and works to the Damon Jets favour. I do however find that the vocals and mid to high frequencies can get a bit undefined and sharp at times, so you loose some of the nuances in tracks, but that is not uncommon for speakers this size. Also, when volume goes up, the bass can start getting distorted as the speaker relies on the surface to generate the bass performance. I definitely found that I got the best sound when placed on relative hard and solid surfaces.


  • With the right songs and the right surface, the Damson Jet delivers an audio performance above its size, especially when it comes to bass. This is also thanks to its ability to deliver true stereo (left / right channels)
  • Well built, portable, and with around 9-hours of playtime between charges
  • They are fun to play around with on different surfaces to see which delivers a better audio performance


  • Audio performance very reliant on surface, and you are not always going to have a good surface to place it on as a portable speaker
  • You can get a feeling of distortion due to vibrations generated against the surface, especially when volume goes up (and they get quite loud)
  • Price


The big question with the Damson Jet is in my opinion if the offer lives up to the price. At £150 for a pair, you start entering into a very competitive market with some great sounding systems. Whilst the Damson Jet offers up great portability and versatility, you can get better, and more consistent, overall audio performance at this price tag, in my opinion, by going for a system that is bigger in size.

Price & availability

The Damson Jet speakers are available now at around £150 from amongst other Damson.

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