Damson takes British audio to advanced territory at CES 2014

Damson Audio might be a fairly new name in the global audio industry, but at CES 2014 in Las Vegas they have shown British audio innovation can keep up with the best out there, delivering their new Jetstream 1 range of self adjusting multi-room speakers, and the Damson Headbones bone-conducting headphones.

Damson Jetstream 1 wireless multi-room speakers

Wireless multi-room audio is very competitive, with Sonos being the goalpost that all others are measured against. Damson’s Jetstream 1 speakers feature Optimized Room Audio (ORA) technology that adjust their sound depending on the size and shape of the room they are placed in.

The Jetstream 1 line includes the Midi, which is the smallest speaker in the range, the larger version fittingly named Large, and finally a soundbar that features dual subwoofers. All feature the multi-room functionality that will allow you to use them together for full room coverage or for having individual audio in each room. The Jetstream 1 speakers use DLNA for wireless streaming. Availability and pricing to be confirmed.

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It was not only in the speaker market that Damson decided to shake things up a bit. Meet the Damson Headbones; bone-conducting headphones that rely on vibrations being sent through the skull to be heard.

Damson Headbones bone-conducting headphones

The Damson Headbones uses the company’s Incisor Diffusion Technology, found in amongst other their Damson Jet speaker, to bypass the use of cone speakers, instead allowing the sound to radiate through the temporal bone to the cochlea in the inner ear, where the vibrations are turned into sound. This is similar to the technology used by amongst other the Google Glass.

Bluetooth is used to send the music from your audio device to the Headbones, which are set for a June release at £100.

[Source: Pocket-Lint]

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