Curved screen iPhone 5 might be coming soon

What better way to start a new week then with some fresh iPhone 5 rumors coming out of, you guessed it, the far east. This time we are talking about curved screen for the next generation iPhone.

Google Nexus S

Image of curved Google Nexus S

It is DigiTimes that are reporting that the buzz amongst the supply chain in Taiwan is that Apple is investing in glass cutting equipment for their manufacturers to support high-volume production of what is believed to be some sort of curved glass for the coming iPhone 5.

Reportedly Apple has purchased 200-300 of the necessary glass cutting machines, raising the question about why the manufacturers would not bear that investment themselves if Apple as a customer was looking to produce in high volumes. I guess the explanation could be as simple as Apple fronting the investment against a cut in operating costs.

What type of curved glass it might be is also unknown. For those familiar with the smartphone market, you will know that the Google Nexus S features a slightly concave display that looks great and supposedly is making it more comfortable to hold the phone up against the face. The HTC Sensation will also feature screen with curved up edges when it comes out, so curved screens for smartphones is nothing new, but it would be a new approach from Apple for the iPhone.

As always we just have to keep in mind that these are just rumors, but it is always nice to wake up to some interesting iPhone speculations on a Monday.


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