Review: Creative ZiiSound D5 bluetooth wireless speaker

The Creative ZiiSound D5 bluetooth wireless speaker has been out for a while, but we thought it was time to dust it off a bit and compare it against some of the competition out there, which now also includes Apple AirPlay speakers such as the B&W Zeppelin Air.

Creative ZiiSound D5

ZiiSound D5 design and features

Design wise the ZiiSound D5 does not jump out at you like some other speaker docks in the market, but then again, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It does actually look quite stylish in terms of look and finish, and should be versatile in terms of placement and setting in different rooms. The width of the system is 425mm, while the other dimensions are 110mm x 90mm.

The body is covered in mesh fabric with the sides in metal finish. The ZiiSound D5 also features a physical iPod docking station, although not a traditional one, which is situated at the back of the speaker dock, and also doubles as the holder for the bluetooth adapter that is needed to stream music from your iOS device to the speaker.

Because this is not a traditional iPhone speaker dock, as it relies on bluetooth to allow you to actually use the iPod / iPhone / iPad as your remote control and music controller, streaming music directly to the speakers. All you need to do that is use the adaptor/transmitter that comes with the ZiiSound D5 (many others charge extra for their adaptors). The transmitter also uses the apt-X codec, which supports CD quality streaming of audio over bluetooth.

In terms of build, the ZiiSound D5 is a solid piece of kit. Creative has focused on keeping as few parts as possible by building the box and the mounting panel as a single piece to allow for a better audio quality.

ZiiSound D5 sound experience

There is actually quite a big difference in sound when using the adaptor compared to when using the bluetooth in the iOS device itself. With the adaptor the sound is vastly improved, and does get closer to the sound experience you get with Apple AirPlay.

Personally i found the ZiiSound D5 speaker to perform best at mid-volume as when cranked up really high there was distortion, but for most settings mid-range volume is more than enough (even for most house parties).


The Creative ZiiSound D5 bluetooth speaker is overall a good quality system and among the better bluetooth based ones i have listened to. However, if you are owner of an iOS device, like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then there are Apple AirPlay speaker options out there at a similar or slightly higher price that i would rate above the ZiiSound.

That said, the ZiiSound D5 is also a good fit for those that have other devices than just Apple’s, allowing you to stream music from any bluetooth device.

Price wise the ZiiSound D5 is not among the cheapest bluetooth speakers out there, but it does have features that largely warrant the premium price.

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