Countdown to WWDC: Twitter + iOS 5 = what?

It has over the recent days since Apple announced that iOS 5 would be part of WWDC been rumors about a system-wide Twitter integration in iOS 5, without it going into any further details about what that might entail.

It was Techchrunch and Daring Fireball that started off the talk about iOS 5 featuring deep Twitter integration, specifically talking about iOS 5 featuring option to share images directly to Twitter, perhaps as part of the new picture client that Twitter is about to launch. This could perhaps be similar to what we are currently seeing with videos and YouTube.

I would not necessarily call this a game-changer of a functionality for iOS 5, but still a welcomed one if the rumors are true. A similar functionality for Facebook would also have been great, but we will likely have to wait longer for that, given that Facebook and Apple are not the best of pals.

Apple has a history of working with Twitter following the integration with their social music service Ping, which by the way still remains a question mark as to what Apple might do with in the future.

We will keep following up on this story and other coming news from WWDC right here.

[Techcrunch & Daring Fireball]


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