Could Toshiba 720p display be next for iPhone

As display technology companies prepare for the SID event in Los Angeles we are already starting to see some interesting new developments that could deliver Retina display for iPad 3, and now with Toshiba announcing a 4-inch 720p display that could be next for iPhone.

New screen iPhone 5 mock up from 9to5macImage source: 9to5mac

The new 720p 4-inch display from Toshiba is made for mobile phones and will deliver a screen resolution up to 720 x 1280. The new high-resolution LTPS displays with up to 367ppi resolution density will be supplied in sizes from 3.3-inches up to the mentioned 4-inch display.

It has earlier been rumored that Toshiba was building a display plant just for Apple production, so could one of these new screens be next for the iPhone?

As TIPB correctly points out, the current iPhone 4 has a screen resolution of 960 x 640 with a 4:3 aspect ratio, whilst the new Toshiba screens resolution is incompatible and the wrong aspect ratio. But that does not mean that this could not be a future iPhone screen, although Apple has stayed away from fragmenting the iPhone display so far, an issue that has somewhat troubled the Android OS.

However, as Google announced recently, they will be aligning the different Android versions into one across devices, and deliver developers a new framework that will automatically handle fragmentation and different screen sizes. Who knows, maybe Apple has been working on the same and are preparing to deliver a different screen size for a coming iPhone. It might not be the much rumored iPhone 5, but perhaps for the iPhone 6 next year.

[source: TUAW]


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