CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland sav nav app for iPhone [review]

Sometimes i wonder what would happen to driving these days if we did not have the sometimes expensive sat navs that direct us from door to door. Luckily there are now options that are more affordable, allowing you to get even more use out of your iPhone, such as the CoPilot Live Premium Sat Nav app for iPhone from Alk Technologies.

CoPilot LIve Premium UK & Ireland Sat Nav app for iPhone

Over the recent weeks i have had a chance to test the sat nav application out, amongst other on a trip between Leeds and London (heading to Westfield for some Christmas shopping) and back up again, and it quickly replaced my old sat nav with its many features and ease of use.

Once you have registered your account and gone through the set up/customization of the features you are good to go. Simply input your address destination and the CoPilot Premium app calculates the best route. Inputting your destination can be done either through typing in town/postcode, your addressbook/contacts with address information, or even geotagged images on your iPhone.

Although it suggest the route for you, it also provides you with alternative routes that you can choose to use, and you can go into vehicle preferences and for example set the app to avoid toll roads and congestion zones etc. A drag feature also allows you to amend your chosen route, a good feature if you for example need to drop someone off on the way or pick someone up etc.

Once on the road you can pick between 3 different views; 3D map, 2D map and Directions. These are all accessed from the menu feature found on the map screen. The driving menu also allows you to pick other features, such as find Points of Interest around you, including tapping on them to get up information about the spot, and add it as a destination if you want to. One of the areas of improvement to be made for the CoPilot Live Premium is to add the ability to add a POI’s as a stop on the original route and not have it over-ride your main destination. One way to get around this issue is to go into My Route, click edit, and add stop, a feature that allows you to add additional stops to your route.

Once on the road i found the CoPilot Premium sat nav app to give me very clear directions, and the on the motorway, the lane assist feature was quite handy as it clearly showed you in advance which lane you should be in for your exit/road change. You can also add the ActiveTraffic feature upgrade, which gives you live information about traffic on your route.

CoPilot Live Premium have also built in social features where you can connect it to Facebook and Twitter to automatically share your route or let people know when you reach your destination.


What i really like about the CoPilot Live Premium sat nav app for UK & Ireland is that it is easy to use, have clear maps and direction instruction. Getting started using the basic features of getting from A to B is quick and easy, but at the same time it is worth taking a bit of time to familiarize oneself with all the additional features that can really make your journey.

Price and download

The CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland Sat Nav App for iPhone is available from the App Store at £24.99 (at time of review).


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