Compatibility issues between iPod accessories and the new 3G iPhone

Apparently there has been several reports and complaints about compatibility issues between the new 3G iPhone and older iPod accessories, like docking stations, stereo docks and other iPod accessories.

A while back we wrote about potential compatibility issues between the B&W Zeppelin stereo dock and the new iPhone, which according to one users comments seems to be working fine. We are however interested in hearing about other positive and negative stories about iPhone and iPod accessories compatibility, so feel free to share your story by leaving a comment.

The issue seem to be one with the new 3G iPhone only, as according to InformationWeek article, most of the iPod accessories are compatible with the original iPhone. One 3g iPhone customer reports that he can’t use it with his Bose SoundDock stereo dock, a pricey iPod accessory.

It is speculated that the problem might be that the new 3G iPhone uses only USB connection for charging, while the original one could use both USB and Firewire. If that is the case we can only hope that Apple or the iPod accessory producers create some kind of adapter, ensuring that the owners of the new 3G iPhone can still use the iPod accessories they have paid good money for.


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