iPod Touch 2.0 software upgrade update

Update! It is now confirmed that the 2.0 firmware update for the iPod Touch will include the applications no longer available in the original january update. If you update to the 2.0 frimware you will receive the maps, mail, stocks, weather and notes. For those of you that paid for the upgrade back in January you might want to have a chat with Apple, as the new 2.0 firmware update includes the same features and is cheaper!

If you missed out on the first software upgrade for the iPod Touch back in January this year and now want to upgrade to get the stocks, mail, maps, notes and weather applications, you will have to rely on the coming July 2.0 iPod Touch software upgrade.

According to an article on Macworld, the original january update is no longer available but there is a possibility these applications will be included in the coming 2.o iPod Touch upgrade as well. The article is also very useful should you have to reinstall your previous update for any reason.

It is expected that the coming upgrade will cost about $10 (£5) but we will come back once confirmed.

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  1. Aj says:

    I think this is insane and ridiculous of Apple to force the people who bought the first update for the ipod touch in January to have to pay for the 2.0, which includes most of the same apps.

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