No iPhone 5 in 2011 says Chinese supplier [rumor]

With the world, or at least the Apple following part, preparing for the imminent launch of the new iPhone 5, a Chinese supplier is saying that there will be no new iPhone 5 until 2011, but instead we are looking at an iPhone 4S as earlier rumored.

There has been plenty of conflicting messages/rumors in the market over the last few months, from a redesigned iPhone 5 to an iPhone 4S with largely internal changes, and then of course that both of them are right. Recently i reported on a New York Times article stating that there was production issues for the iPhone 5, but that the iPhone 4S was on schedule and in production. The same article referred to the coming iPhone as “fairly different”, a term that does not say much at all, and hinting at only one iPhone is on the schedule at the moment.

New parts for what is claimed to be an updated version of the iPhone 4 has surfaced from iRepair India, with the parts being supplied from Shenzhen, China, by a someone they refer to as a “credible enough” source.

iphone 4s parts

I’m sure we can all agree that all we want at the moment is some hard facts about what Apple is planning to do with the iPhone this year. We also have to keep in mind that legal battles could delay things even further, as Samsung is reported to have patent lawsuits ready for when Apple announces the iPhone 5 / 4S, which does not come as a surprise following the hard-ball approach Apple has taken against the Samsung Galaxy range.

[source: Appleinsider via Macworld]

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