Chinese fake iPhone 5 could reveal the real one [real or fake?]

Last night images of a clearly fake iPhone 5 started doing the rounds on the rumor mill, but the interesting thing about this one is that it does not pretend to be the real thing; it’s an iPhone 5 clone out of Shenzhen, China, the same area where the real iPhone 5 is supposedly being produced, and based on what is claimed to be good information about what the real one might look like.

Chinese iPhone 5 clone

So could this iPhone 5 clone give us some insight into what the real iPhone 5 might look like? The consensus amongst the tech writers seems to be that it just might be close enough based on earlier industry information, spy-photos and leaked accessories. Here are a few of the arguments for the defense:

  • The design could well fit with the earlier leaked iPhone 5 case designs, including the one piece volume rocker
  • Curved glass used for the back and front of the clone is in line with earlier rumors/news about Apple’s plans for curved glass and their investment in glass cutting machinery for suppliers
  • At only 7mm thick, the thickness of the clone also matches with some case designs

As others have pointed out, the design feels a bit retro in terms of its resemblance to both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G. Whilst the curved back at this point seems to be a likely feature, the curved front of the clone seems an unlikely feature for the real iPhone 5 considering the amount of bezel space it will take up.

My personal view is that this fake might have gotten aspects of the design right, but that it will be quite far from the real thing in the end. For Apple to take a step backwards in the design evolution of the iPhone seems unlikely, unless they have some very strong data to support it in terms of what customers want from the next iPhone.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below: Could this clone end up being the real thing?

[source/images: Techcrunch / GizChina]


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