Cheaper international phone calls on the iPhone with Truphone

Truphone is an application that is now available for free downloading through the iPhone Application Store that was officially launched today, providing you with cheaper international calls by utilizing the new iPhone 3G Voip capabilities.

So whether you are abroad yourself and want to avoid the high roaming costs from the network or making a call to someone who is abroad, you can now use Truphone application for iPhone to make sure you still keep the cost of the call as low as possible. Truphone makes cheaper international calls available through using Voip instead of using the network GMS, and it is just as simple to use as making a call on the iPhone as normal once you have the application installed.

See more on the pricing of calls through Truphone by going to their official pricelist, or download theTruphone application here.


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2 Responses to "Cheaper international phone calls on the iPhone with Truphone"

  1. Ella Walker says:

    my sister is very good in installing VOIP equipments and i really admire her for that.,–

  2. Interesting that a few years back people were questioning the viability of VoIP (ie. Vonage fiasco). Now everywhere you turn its widely accepted and has become very established.

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