Charge your ipod with your shirt

A recent article in the Journal Nature reports that nano-technology researchers are creating  a t-shirt that  produced electricity enough to charge your Apple ipod or mobile phone.

Apparently the t-shirt is using fibres manufactured with  xinc oxide nanowires that respond to mechanical stress to produce and store energy. They call this the ‘piezoelectric effect‘, a result of certain metals placing pressure on others to create an electric charge. This means that you will produce electricity that is stored in your t-shirt just by walking around, so you can charge your Apple ipod should you run out of power while out and about.

The only fault with the t-shirt so far is that it is not water resistant, meaning you loose all electricty stored in the shirt if it comes in contact with rain.

Once this product hits the market we will come back to you with price comparison and where to buy it.


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