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Whilst Apple themselves are not present at International CES 2012 in Las Vegas, there are plenty of accessory manufacturer there to bring the latest gadgets, Airplay speakers, headphones, and other Apple related accessories to hungry fans and tech media.

On this page you can find the latest news and product releases from CES 2012. Some of them were announced in the days leading up to the event, and many more form part of launches during CES week. You will find news and product releases from brands like Philips, Logic3, House of Marley, iHome and many more.

Latest CES 2012 news

Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04 Review – power and control

Soundfreaq Sound Kick portable bluetooth speaker

With the Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04 you get a lot of speaker for your money. The sound performance is well above what we normally experience at this price range and relative size of the speaker. Whilst slightly bigger than some well known competitors, it still delivers a good level of portability.

SOUL Party in a Box AirPlay speaker – direct from Ludacris

Party in a Box AirPlay speaker dock from SOUL by Ludacris

Ludacris and SOUL Electronics is ready to take the party from your headphones to your living room with SOUL Party in a Box AirPlay speaker dock, a solution that at least on paper looks very promising. Find out more here.

Sony rolls out two AirPlay speaker docks and Airplay for HomeShare [CES 2012]

Sony with two new Airplay enabled speaker docks

Sony is bringing AirPlay to HomeShare speakers SA-NS310 and the SA-NS410m joining the already AirPlay enabled SA-NS500, as well as two new speaker docks in the Sony RDP-XA900iP and RDP-XA700iP. Find out more inside.

Panasonic brings AirPlay soundbar and compact sound system [CES 2012]

Latest Airplay speaker from Panasonic is the SC-AP01 Soundbar

Panasonic enters the AirPlay market with two models at CES this year; the SC-AP01 Soundbar and the compact home sound system SC-HC57, which also has a physical docking station, CD player, and integrated FM radio. Find out more here.

Klipsch goes all in on AirPlay with 3 new speakers [CES 2012]

Klipsch Stadium is one of three new Airplay speakers from Klipsch at CES

Klipsch have spent their time well in advance of CES 2012, and it seems that AirPlay is the future for Klipsch sound systems as the company announces three new AIrPlay speakers in the RoomGroove Air, Stadium and Console speakers. Find out more here.

iHome iW5 makes it AirPlay 5 for iHome [CES 2012]

The latest Airplay speaker from iHome is their smallest to date in the iHome iW5 as the company displays 5 Airplay speakers at CES 2012. The iHome iW5 comes amongst other with interchangeable front covers to allow for color mood changes.

Sharp DK-KP95P AirPlay speaker dock – the first from Sharp [CES 2012]


Sharp has launched their first ever AirPlay speaker dock at CES 2012 in the Sharp DK-KP95P AirPlay speaker dock, a compact home sound system that in addition to AirPlay streaming features DLNA, docking station, and a CD player. Find out more about it here.

Philips extends their Fidelio AirPlay range with AD7050W SoundAvia and DS9100W Primo [CES 2012]

Philips have once again upped their Airplay game with two new Airplay enabled speakers in their already extensive Fidelio range, the Fidelio AD7050W SoundAvia and Fidelio DS9100W Primo with a wooden finish. Find out more inside.

Ferrari teams with Logic3 to bring AirPlay speaker docks and headphones [CES 2012]

Ferrari by Logic3 AirPlay speaker docks

This year Ferrari has moved from outside on the road to inside CES, teaming up with Logic3 to bring us Ferrari inspired Airplay enabled speaker docks, as well as headphones. Meet the Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino and Scuderia collection.

Philips Sound Hub brings 360-degree AirPlay sound [CES 2012]

Philips Sound Hub CSS9216 Airplay

Philips Sound Hub is a 5.1-channel Airplay enabled home audio system with cubed speakers, subwoofer, and an AirPlay enabled receiver with HDMI output, said to be a bridge to deliver wireless video to your television set.

Pure Contour 200i Air goes AirPlay at an affordable price

Pure Contour 200i Air with Airplay

Pure is at CES 2012 waving the flag for British audio and for Apple AirPlay with their first AirPlay enabled speaker dock in the Pure Contour 200i Air, joining the growing ranks of manufacturers embracing wireless streaming over Apple’s AirPlay technology.

iHome iW4 brings AirPlay to the bedroom

iHome iW4 Airplay alarm clock speaker dock

iHome has announced the release of their latest AirPlay enabled speaker dock in the iHome iW4 alarm clock speaker dock for the bedroom, one of three new alarm dock models to be featured at their CES stand next week.

Samsung DA-E750 & DA-E670 Audio Docks does it all, including AirPlay streaming

Samsung DA-e750 Audio Dock with AirPlay

With the Samsung DA-E750 and DA-E670 they are delivering their first two speaker docks with hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology, a docking system supporting both iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy devices, as well as streaming through Airplay, AllShare, and bluetooth.

Bayan 7 speaker dock is set to bring high-end audio to iPhone and iPod

With the Bayan 7 iPod speaker dock Bayan Audio has set out to heighten the quality of sound, and in the process likely splitting us on the design of the speaker dock itself. Personally i kinda like it, and i definitely like the audio specifications of the system.

Behringer iNuke Boom speaker dock goes big in all ways

Behringer iNuke Boom speaker dock

Behringer are going consumer audio with a 10,000W iNuke Boom speaker dock that will be displayed at CES 2012 as the company launches a new Eurosound product range, that will include other speaker docks and wireless speakers as well.

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