Google Play Music app for iPad

Google Play Music might soon be available in iPad version

For the many Google Play Music fans out there, it looks like we will soon be able to use it ‘properly’ on an iPad as well as the larger screen version is found hidden in the iPhone app.

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Microsoft Office Word for iPad

Microsoft Office arrived on iPad today

It might have been on the cards for a while now, but today new Microsoft boss Satya Nadella announced the immediate release of the Microsoft Office suite for iPad, possibly starting a new era for Microsoft as an application provider across devices.

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Google Play Music iOS App download

Google Play Music official iOS app arrives

The official Google Play Music app for iOS devices have finally arrived on the iTunes App Store, giving iOS users access to their Google stored music library, which offers up to 20,000 songs stored for free with your Google account. Find out more inside.

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App Store turning 5

Popular apps go free this week as App Store celebrates 5th anniversary

The App Store has become one of the big success stories in Apple’s history, and with the 5th Anniversary just around the corner, Apple has launched a celebratory section in the App Store, which amongst other features some great app titles for free.

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Glastonbury 2013 app

5 must have festival apps for Glastonbury and other summer festivals

Whether you are off to Glastonbury or to any other festival this summer, your experience could be further enhanced with the right apps on your iPhone. These are our top 5 must have festival apps for the iPhone to ensure a great experience + a couple of handy accessories.

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Countdown to 50 billion app downloads

App Store close to 50 billion downloads

Apple is about to take the App Store to a massive new milestone as it is quickly approaching 50 billion downloaded apps, a milestone that should be reached in the next day or two, currently sitting at 49 billion 911 million and counting.

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Champagne World iPad app magazine

Champagne World lands in your iPad Newsstand [preview]

Champagne lovers and enthusiasts rejoice, a brand new free iPad magazine/app called Champagne World has arrived on your iPad, promising to deliver great content that will educate and entertain you about the famous French bubbly.

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Formula 1 coming to iPad with multiview screen in Sky F1 race control app

Multiscreen F1 viewing coming to iPad courtesy of Sky

Formula 1 fans in the UK can look forward to the new season kicking off on 18th March in Bahrain with multiscreen live vewing on the go on the iPad, courtesy of a new F1 focused Sky app coming ahead of the season start.

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Apple approaching 25 billion app downloads, promising US $10,000 gift card for winner

The App Store is quickly approaching 25 billion downloaded apps with promises of great gifts

Apple has started the countdown towards 25 billion downloaded iOS apps by promising a US $10,000 App Store gift card to the person that downloads app number 25 billion. Find out more inside, including a chart showcasing App download growth rate over time since the App Store launched in July 2008.

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Top EA Games Apps go on sale

EA Games App sales start on iTunes UK App Store

EA Games have set up to top all app download lists for Christmas in the iTunes App Store as they cut prices on top iPhone and iPad games, including FIFA 12 and Monopoly, to a low £0.69 in the UK. Find out more and games included here.

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BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch

BBC iPlayer for iPhone launches with 3G mobile streaming

BBC have released their BBC iPlayer iPhone app, bringing live television and radio over 3G mobile connection to millions of iPhone and iPod Touch owners, with a range of great new features, including AirPlay support.

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The return of 12 Days of iTunes Christmas

Apple has returned the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas offer app to the iTunes App Store, setting up 12 days of great deals on apps, music, videos, books etc. starting on the 26th December, right after Santa has finished his gift rounds.

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Starbucks bringing iPhone app payment to UK stores

Good news for iPhone owners and Starbucks coffee lovers around the UK, as the coffee chain has confirmed that mobile app payment is coming to their UK stores in January 2012, allowing registered Starbucks card holders to make one-click payments using the app in their stores.

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CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland sav nav app for iPhone [review]

iPhone owners no longer need to shell out big money for a satellite navigation system as there are some real good app alternatives, including the CoPilot Live Premium sat nav app which gives you easy to use, feature rich service, at a fraction of the price.

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Rumor of native Gmail iPhone app coming soon

It is rumored that Google is about to release a native Gmail app for iPhone and other iOS devices that amongst other will finally bring Gmail push messages to iPhone users with ease. It is yet to be confirmed by Google but fingers crossed.

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BBC iPlayer Global for iPad now supports AirPlay streaming

BBC have updated their global iPlayer App for iPad to finally support AirPlay streaming for users around Europe that have updated their iPad to run iOS 5. Now you can stream your favourite shows from your iPad to your AirPlay compatible devices.

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Facebook iPad app to share spotlight at coming Apple media event

Apple could be sharing some of the spotlight at the coming media event with Facebook as there are rumors of the long awaited release of the official Facebook iPad app. There are also rumors that the two companies are joining forces to fight Google. Find out more here.

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Apps featured in new "think" iPad 2 ad

The Apps featured in latest “learn” iPad 2 ad

Apple has always promoted their products, including the iPad, as a great educations tool. In their most recent “think” tv advert for the iPad they feature some great iPad apps. Find the list of featured apps inside this post.

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Skype WiFi App brings unlimited data to your iOS device

Skype has launched an iOS app for their popular Skype WiFi service giving your iOS device access to low cost unlimited data access at over a million hotspots worldwide, with the convenience of paying with your Skype Credit. Find out more here.

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Linkedin iPhone App v4 review

Social network for professionals Linkedin has released a new and updated Linkedin App v4.0 with a brand new shiny visual interface, but is lacking some basic functionality to get a top mark, including contact list integration.

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