Logitech S715 speaker dock

Logitech S715i portable speaker review

For its price the Logitech S715i delivers an impressive sound from its peanut shape, making it the system to beat in the portable iPod and iPhone docking station market. The eight drivers hidden inside the system delivers an impressive quality of sound.

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Azatom iBigBoy2

Azatom Fidek iBigBoy 2/2a review – big speakers with big sound

The Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 / 2A is far from the best known iPod sound system in the market, but in my opinion it is among the better ones in its price class, delivering a powerful bass-filled sound with a massive potential output of 500watts. See full review here.

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B&W P5 headphones

B&W P5 Headphones: Bowers and Wilkins headphone quality

World famous Hi-Fi producers Bowers & Wilkins have created some high-end headphones for the iPod and iPhone – the B&W P5 Hi-Fi Headphones – bringing their expertise from iPod sound systems into the headphone market challenging Monster Beats.

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Gear4 SoundOrb

GEAR4 SoundOrb Review: Chameleon speaker dock

GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora is another quality iPod docking station and sound system from GEAR4, this time bringing an external subwoofer and some fancy light effects to make this unit stand out from the crowded iPod sound system market. Full review here.

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Vestalife Firefly iPod and iPhone speaker dock

The Vestalife Firefly is already the recipient of the innovation award at the CES 2010, and the big brother of the ladybug II speaker dock is improved both in terms of design and sound, sure to be a very successful and popular speaker dock in its price class for its unique design.

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Sony CMTLX40i DAB speaker dock

Sony CMTLX40I DAB Micro System Review

iPhone docks with DAB radio is increasing in popularity, and this one from Sony is among the better ones in the market at the moment. The Sony CMTLX40I is more than just a DAB radio with iPhone dock though, as it also features a cd player for that old school cd collection.

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Roberst iDream CRD42 DAB speaker dock

Roberts iDream CRD42 DAB/FM Stereo

If you are looking to buy a digital stereo alarm clock with iPod/iPhone dock these days you might also want to ensure that it features DAB/FM radio, which this unit… Read more »

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Klipsch iGroove HG Review: Popular and affordable

The Klipsch iGroove HG is one of the most popular speaker docks in the market today, thanks to good value for money sound experience. In fact many find that the Klipsch iGroove HG sounds better than more well known brand names out there.

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Altec Lansing Octiv Air M812

Altec Lansing Octiv Air M812 wireless iPod Sound system

If you are looking for a good quality wireless iPod home sound system, then you should check out the Altec Lansing Octiva Air M812 iPod Sound System. It looks stylish and the sound experience is of a very good quality. Find out more about the Octiva Air M812 here.

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Edifier IF500 Luna 5 speaker dock review – rockin cool design

The Edifier IF500 Luna 5 iPod and iPhone speaker dock is definitely not your average iPod sound system with its unique and interesting design, that might divide people in terms of what they like or not. Personally it is growing on me, and the technical specs look good as well.

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iHome iP1 speaker dock

Review: iHome iP1 iPod speaker dock

The iHome iP1 is the first iPod speaker dock from iHome’s new Studio Series featuring the Bongiovi acoustic digital power station technology, claimed to improve the sound experience from your music to be closer to the original recorded sound, and it looks quite stylish as well.

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Gear 4 Duo speaker dock

Gear4 DUO iPod speaker dock review: Dual portable fun

The Gear4 DUO is truly a unique iPod speaker system with some great features and is a very good iPod speaker system for its price range with its unique two in one solution and powerfull bass sound.

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Fatman iTube docking station

Fatman Fivds iTube docking station review

If you are looking for a serious musical companion for your iPod and yourself, then the Fatman Fivds iTube might just be what you have been looking for, bringing you warm analogue sound rarely found in other speaker docks.

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B&W Zeppelin

B&W Zeppelin Review: Close to perfection

Combining style and world class technology, the B&W Zeppelin is the ultimate in iPod speakers if you can afford to shell out £300 plus for one. It is however so iconic that it won’t be going out on style for a long long time.

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Intempo RDI DAB

Intempo RDI DAB speaker dock

Intempo was among the first to introduce DAB radio to a speaker dock in their Intempo RDI DAB stereo dock, targeting digital radio hungry Apple iPod owners out there. This… Read more »

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