Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music £25,000 Prize Draw

Amazon has announced that their music streaming service has just gotten better. Prime Music is over a million songs and hundreds of hand‑built playlists, with ad‑free listening anywhere, on any device, anytime with Amazon Prime. To celebrate this and get more users signed up they are holding a £25,000 prize draw.

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The new optimized Amazon MP3 store for iPhone

Amazon UK launches iPhone optimized MP3 store

Amazon UK has now launched the new iPhone and iPod Touch optimized experience for their MP3 store, accessible directly from your Safari browser, giving you instant access to their vast library of songs, albums, and artists, all available to purchase there and then.

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Daisy from Beats by Dre to take on Spotify in 2013

Dr.Dre is already been announced as the richest man in hip hop, much thanks to his music and headphones empire. Now he is looking to increase his wealth by teaming up with Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor to launch a new music service called Daisy to rival Spotify.

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iTunes Match goes live in UK

iTunes Match rolls out in UK – how to set it up

Apple has rolled out iTunes Match for UK customers, allowing you to update and share up to 25,000 songs across 10 devices. Here is a quick guide to setting up iTunes Match and activating across devices.

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iTunes Match UK launch likely in 2012

2012 launch for iTunes Match in the UK

The delay in release of iTunes Match in the U.S could end up having a knock-on effect on the UK release date, pushing it back into start of 2012 at the earliest according to a recent report. Find out more here.

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Starbucks Pick of the Week free download comes to a UK Starbucks near you

Starbucks and iTunes have launched their Pick of the Week voucher in the UK that gives customers a weekly free download in their stores. The first deal is available on Monday 17th October in the form of a James Morrison song. Find out more here.

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Download iTunes 10.5 while you wait for iOS 5

It is the big iOS 5 release date and while you wait it is recommended to download the new iTunes 10.5 version, which comes with iCloud integration and will enable you to download iOS 5 without any delays. Find out more here.

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iTunes 10.3 beta available to download with a taste of iCloud

Apple has released iTunes 10.3 beta for download giving you access to some iCloud features, such as past app and book purchases + auto-download to all iOS and Mac devices. Find out more about iTunes 10.3 beta here.

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Sony onboard the iCloud – 3 down one to go

According to the latest news Apple has reached licensing deals with Sony Music for their soon to be launched iCloud. With 3 of the big4 labels onboard Apple could have gained a competitive advantage over Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloudplayer.

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Apple iCloud

There is an iCloud approaching: Apple signs deal with EMI

Apple has signed up yet another music label to their future cloud based music service by many believed to be called ‘iCloud’. EMI joins Warner Music to make deals with Apple, and it is believed that Sony and Universal Music are not far behind.

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iTunes terms and conditions: Do we read them?

How many of us actually read the iTunes terms & conditions, or any other for that matter? Take our poll and let us know your thoughts. Make sure you don’t end up like Kyle in South Park, turned into a humancentipad.

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Setting up iTunes Home Sharing for streaming to iOS devices – Tutorial Guide

Home Sharing for iOS devices is a new feature in iOS 4.3 allowing you to share your iTunes library to your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. If you are not sure how to activate and set up this new feature you can use this step-by-step guide as a reference.

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iTunes 10.1 with Apple AirPlay and iOS 4.2 support released

Apple has now released the new iTunes 10.1 which features support for iOS 4.2 devices and their new media streaming platform Apple AirPlay. With the new features you can amongst other things stream video directly from iTunes to your 2nd generation Apple TV.

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Apple releases iTunes 10.0.1 with Ping updates and bug fixes

Apple has released iTunes 10.0.1 which features improvements to Ping social music network and other bug fixes. You can find out more about new Ping iTunes integration and some of the other bug fixes right here.

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New iTunes 10: Breakdown of features and social music network Ping

Apple has released the new iTunes 10 with integrated social network Ping, a social network that is all about music, but not very social with the rest of the world it seems. Find out all about Ping, Airplay, TV series rentals, and all the other features of iTunes 10 here.

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Johnny Cash pushes Apple and iTunes past 10 billion songs milestone

Apple has reached their milestone of 10 billion downloaded songs with the help of Johnny Cash and Louie Sulcer, the winner of a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card and a congratulatory call from Mr Apple himself, Steve Jobs. But can the iTunes success continue?

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Download X-Factor single “The Climb” by Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry has just been announced the winner of the x-factor 2009 in the UK and the new single “The Climb” is made immediately available for download, but can it make it number 1 for Xmas against the many established artists, and the Rage Against the Machine campaign?

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Apple buys music service – but what are they planning to do with it?

Apple has acquired online cloud computing music service and speculation is increasing around their plans. Could we see streaming service or cloud computing storage for iTunes, or is it just a strategic move for talent and technology from Steve Jobs?

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iTunes 9.0.2 released with support for Apple TV 3.0

Apple has released another upgrade in iTunes 9.0.2 providing support for Apple TV 3.0 and once again blocking out the Palm Pre sync. Since the launch of the new and improved iTunes 9 a few months ago, smaller releases has been made to provide additional features.

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Inside look at the new features of iTunes 9

We have taken an inside look at the new features of iTunes 9 and the redesigned iTunes Store, and there are some great new additions to be found. The new design of the store is more user friendly and cleaner, with improved navigation. Most important though is the app management.

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