Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music £25,000 Prize Draw

Amazon has announced that their music streaming service has just gotten better. Prime Music is over a million songs and hundreds of hand‑built playlists, with ad‑free listening anywhere, on any device, anytime with Amazon Prime. To celebrate this and get more users signed up they are holding a £25,000 prize draw.

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Amazon Black Friday deals week 2015

Black-ish Friday Deals 2015

The countdown has begun to Black Friday which takes place on the 27th november this year. But we are already seeing several online retailers (and some brick and mortar one’s as well) kickstarting it very early, turning the week leading up to Black Friday into sort of a Black-ish Friday.

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Best of 2014 gadgets

Best of 2014 – Our favourite speakers, headphones & more

It has been another stellar year for Apple fans with the launch of the iPhone 6 & 6Plus, and the new iPad models amongst other. But on the back of Apple products comes a myriad of new accessories, including a range of headphones, speakers, both wired and unwired, cases, apps, and much much more. Inside this post is some of our favourites from 2014, including some we look forward to.

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A quick guide to iOS 8

A quick guide to iOS 8

Don’t have time to read pages and pages of updates about how great iOS 8 will be? We have tried to pull all the relevant news together in a short and sweet format, so why don’t you check our quick guide to the new and useful features coming in iOS 8.

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Microsoft Office Word for iPad

Microsoft Office arrived on iPad today

It might have been on the cards for a while now, but today new Microsoft boss Satya Nadella announced the immediate release of the Microsoft Office suite for iPad, possibly starting a new era for Microsoft as an application provider across devices.

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iPod speaker dock RIP

2014 prediction: Death of the speaker dock

It has been on the cards since AirPlay and the new Lightning connector, but I predict that 2014 will be the year that marks the end of the speaker dock as we have come to know it, and there are several facts that backs it up.

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Bayan Soundbook portable bluetooth speaker

Top 10 Christmas portable bluetooth speakers

With only weeks to go it’s time to get those Christmas tunes on your iPhone or iPad and pair it with one of these portable bluetooth speakers. These will take your Christmas party to the next level, or make for great gifts either for yourself or someone else you like.

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Olloclip for iPhone

Must have iPhone accessories 2013 – speakers, headphones and more.

Keeping on top of all the great accessories and gadgets that are launched that are compatible with your iPhone can be hard work, so we hope to make life easier for you by pulling together the accessories that we are most excited about for 2013. Some are already available, whilst others are still in the pipeline for release later this.

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Glastonbury 2013 app

5 must have festival apps for Glastonbury and other summer festivals

Whether you are off to Glastonbury or to any other festival this summer, your experience could be further enhanced with the right apps on your iPhone. These are our top 5 must have festival apps for the iPhone to ensure a great experience + a couple of handy accessories.

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The new optimized Amazon MP3 store for iPhone

Amazon UK launches iPhone optimized MP3 store

Amazon UK has now launched the new iPhone and iPod Touch optimized experience for their MP3 store, accessible directly from your Safari browser, giving you instant access to their vast library of songs, albums, and artists, all available to purchase there and then.

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Apple iPad Mini and iPad 4

Where to buy the iPad Mini and iPad 4 in UK

Both the iPad Mini and the iPad 4 are now available to buy in the UK. Demand is big and supply can be short to be begin with, but here are some of the places to where you can buy both the iPad Mini and the new Retina iPad 4.

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How to beat the new iPhone 5 Lighnting Connector dilemma for your speaker docks

Wondering what to do with your current 30-pin docking station accessories now that Apple has changed to the new Lightning Conenctor for all their new iOS devices? While this change can feel like a bit of a headache, there are ways to get around it.

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iPod Touch 5 – in living color

Finally Apple has given the iPod Touch a proper ugprade with the 5th generation, including 4-inch Retina display, iSight camera, more power, and color options in the thinnest and lightest iPod Touch to date.

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Apple announces iPad Mini 7.9-inch display

Apple announces 7.9-inch iPad mini with pre-ordering starting Oct 26

Apple has just made it official, the 7.9-inch iPad Mini has been announced featuring a 1024 x 768 display, measuring a mere 7.1mm thick. Pre-ordering set to start on Oct 26th. More on prices and options inside.

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Apple rumored to have 7-inch iPad ready for September

Magic number 7 as Apple is preparing the iPad Mini

WSJ is reporting that Apple supply chain is preparing for mass production of a smaller screen iPad in September. Has the success of the Kindle Fire and the recent launch of the Nexus 7 from Google forced Apple’s hand into delivering an alternative iPad size? More inside.

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Apple announces iOS 6 coming this fall

Apple announces iOS6 – features breakdown here [WWDC 2012]

Apple today kicked off WWDC 2012 by announcing the features of iOS 6, the latest generation of the operating system, available in beta today and for full release this fall. iOS 6 brings deeper Facebook integration and Siri to iPad amongst other. See breakdown of key features inside.

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New iPad with Retina display (Apple website screenshot)

Apple announces new iPad with Retina display [breakdown]

We all seem to have got the naming wrong, but Apple today announced the ‘new iPad’ featuring an impressive Retina display, an improved 5-megapixel camera, quad-core graphics, and a host of other new features and apps that is likely to create new queues of buyers around the world.

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Apple sends out invitations to iPad 3 event on 7th March

Apple makes iPad 3 event on 7th March official

Apple sends out invitations to what is likely the retina display iPad 3 event on 7th March at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, promising to show us something we really have to see. And touch.

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Apple and their supply chain responsibility: Are they showing enough?

Over recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Apple and their supply chain, especially when it comes to “sweatshop” conditions with suppliers/manufacturers in the far east. For a company that set record profits for a quarter recently and with a cash reserve close to $100 billion, are they showing enough social responsibility?

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Apple post record quarter in more ways than one

Apple posted many records in the recent quarter, including 37 million iPhones, 15 million iPads, and a record $46 billion in earnings, resulting in profits that were higher than what Google had in earnings in the last quarter. Talk about kicking off 2012 with a bang! See more record figures here.

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