Azatom iPunch 2 speaker dock

Azatom launches new iPunch 2 speaker with lightning dock

We have been fans of the rather unknown british audio brand Azatom for a while, and have had the pleasure to test out a wide range of their speakers, including the original Azatom iPunch. With the new iPunch 2 they have given the customer favourite an upgrade, as it now supports both Lightning and 30-pin docking as well as Bluetooth streaming.

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Philips Fidelio P9 bluetooth wireless speaker

Philips Fidelio P9 Wireless Portable Speaker Review

The Philips Fidelio P9 is still amongst the best portable wireless speakers in its category, delivering a warm and well balanced sound experience. With the deals available recently on the Fidelio P9, this is an absolute steal of a wireless speaker.

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iPod speaker dock RIP

2014 prediction: Death of the speaker dock

It has been on the cards since AirPlay and the new Lightning connector, but I predict that 2014 will be the year that marks the end of the speaker dock as we have come to know it, and there are several facts that backs it up.

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New Pioneer lightning speaker docks

New Pioneer speakers with Lightning dock for iPhone 5 and later set for December release

The Lightning dock has been around for a good year or so now, and finally we are starting to see a better selection of lightning enabled speaker docks in the UK market. The new additions from Pioneer set for sale in December will make the selection even better, and just in time for those Christmas wishlists.

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Azatom Home Hub Lightning dock

Azatom Home Hub Lightning speaker dock – first impression

Azatom has carved out a strong position for itself in the UK market, delivering speaker docks that offer great value for money. The latest addition to their portfolio is the Azatom Home Hub, their first speaker with Lightning dock, supporting the latest iPhone, iPad, iPods, and iPad Mini.

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KItSound Fresh lightning alarm dock

Kitsound with new Fresh clock radio dock supporting Lightning connector devices

Kitsound have announced the release of their latest alarm clock dock in the KS Fresh with Lightning dock, a modern alarm clock dock with a 80s hi-fi system style, including an ejecting Lightning dock drawer that mimics the old tape players of the 80s.

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Onkyo CS-255DAB mini hifi

Onkyo announces CS-255DAB mini HiFi system with Lightning dock

Onkyo is jumping on the Lightning connector wave with a brand new mini hifi system in the Onkyo CS-255DAB, sporting a lightning dock as well as USB input to support older iDevice models, as well as any other USB enabled media device.

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Soundfreaq Boom Freaq speaker dock

Soundfreaq announces new Boom Freaq bluetooth speaker dock with Lightning adapter

The latest addition to the Soundfreaq family, the Boom Freaq, is part of their Novogratz Collection, all with their own unique design finish. The basis for the Boom Freaq is their Sound Stack speaker dock, so you will find the same audio set up, including the dual full range drivers and dual active subwoofers (DubSub 2.2).

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Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker with AirPlay and wireless direct

The Pioneer XW-SMA4 speaker features the same look as the XW-SMA3, but there are some distinct differences between the models, such as the inclusion of a 100mm subwoofer and double the power output.

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Pioneer XW-SMA1 airplay speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA1 wireless speaker with AirPlay & DLNA

The smaller of the SMA range of wireless speakers from Pioneer, the XW-SMA1 has many of the same features as the SMA3, with a few exceptions. Available in black or white, the SMA1, ,like its siblings, supports a wide range of streaming options, from AirPlay, HTC Connect, DLNA, to Wireless Direct.

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Bowers & Wilkins A5 Airplay speaker

Bowers & Wilkins A5 Airplay speaker first impression

The smaller of the new A-range wireless AirPlay speakers from Bowers & Wilkins, the A5 is still packed with the same high quality components and finish that you expect from Bowers & Wilkins.

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Bowers & Wilkins A7 Airplay speaker

Bowers & Wilkins A7 wireless Airplay speaker first impression

With their new A-range of wireless AirPlay speakers, Bowers & Wilkins have gone more subtle in the design, perhaps aiming to create a multi-room system that naturally blends in. Besides the design, there is however little that seems subtle about the powerful B&W A7 speaker.

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New B&W Zeppelin Air with Lightning dock

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air with Lightning dock

When the original B&W Zeppelin Air came out a couple of years back it set the standard for all other AirPlay speakers to come, and now B&W have announced that the Zeppelin Air will also become available in a Lightning dock version.

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B&W Z2 Airplay speaker with Lightning dock

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Lightning enabled AirPlay speaker

Bowers & Wilkins are really embracing new technology these days, merging their legendary status as audio manufacturer with the growing armada of Apple gadget owners out there. Their latest addition to is the brand new B&W Z2 AirPlay speaker with a nicely integrated Lightning enabled dock.

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Sony RDP-X200iP wireless bluetooth speaker dock

Sony RDP-X200iP wireless Bluetooth speaker dock

Sony has delivered another customer favourite with their Sony RDP-X200iP wireless speaker dock, allowing for both the option of Bluetooth streaming as well as docking of your 30-pin connector iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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Azatom iFlute portable speaker dock

Azatom iFlute portable docking station – budget friendly

Azatom has over the years emerged as a customer favourite amongst Amazon shoppers, featuring heavily on the bestseller lists for speaker docks. Amongst these favourites is the Azatom iFlute, a small and portable speaker dock at a very affordable price.

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Gear4 new Alarmdock Halo 3 with Lightning connector

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 3 with Lightning dock – first impression

Gear4 recently announced a new addition to their Lightning Connector enabled docking stations with the arrival of their latest Alarmdock Halo 3, offering up docking and charging of your iPhone 5 in the bedroom.

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iLuv Aud 5 lightning speaker dock with bluetooth

iLuv Aud 5 – iMM547 – lightning speaker dock with bluetooth

iLuv had a strong presence of pure Bluetooth speakers at CES this year, but they also brought with them the iLuv Aud 5 (iMM547) which is their first Lightning speaker dock, and that also features Bluetooth support for wireless streaming.

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Gear 4 Streetparty 5 with lightning dock

Gear 4 joins Lightning speaker dock market with StreetParty 5

As one of the leaders in the speaker dock market Gear 4 has announced their first speaker dock for the new Apple Lightning connector in the StreetParty 5, a small and portable Lightning speaker dock with an easy-on-the-pocket price point.

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Panasonic NE5 wireless speaker with lightning dock

Panasonic with new Lightning Dock, AirPlay, and Bluetooth enabled speakers

Panasonic is at CES 2013 with a wide range of new products, including a new stereo and wireless speaker portfolio that includes AirPlay speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and some new Lightning Dock speakers.

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