iPod Touch 5 – in living color

Finally Apple has given the iPod Touch a proper ugprade with the 5th generation, including 4-inch Retina display, iSight camera, more power, and color options in the thinnest and lightest iPod Touch to date.

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New multi colored 5th generation iPod Touch

A colorful refresh for iPod Touch and touchscreen iPod Nano

Finally Apple has given the iPod range an upgrade, bringing a 4-inch Retina display and 5-megapixel iSight camera to the iPod Touch, as well as a 2.5-inch touchscreen to the Nano. Perhaps this will halt the dwindling iPod sales leading up to the festive season.

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Apple launches first generation iPod Nano replacement program

Apple has announced a 1st generation iPod Nano replacement program that could land you a brand new iPod Nano, so time to rummage through the attic and the old drawers to find that old Nano and land myself a new one.

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Happy birthday iPod - 10 year anniversary

Happy 10 year birthday iPod! The start of the modern Apple adventure

October 23rd 2001 represents day 1 in the modern digital music era, the day the original Apple iPod was launched to the world, allowing you to “carry your entire music library in your pocket”. Happy birthday Apple iPod!

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Apple releases software upgrade for iPod Nano 6 to match new Nano

Following the media event where the new iPod Nano was announced Apple has released a new Nano software upgrade 2.1 for iPod Nano 6 owners that will match the features of the new model, including 16 new watch interfaces and Nike+ features.

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Apple announces new iPod Nano at lower price

Apple announces iPod Nano 7 with same design but new features

Apple has announced a new iPod Nano 7th generation (or we choose to call it that) that retains the same design as the 6th gen iPod Nano, but comes with some improved new features, including Nike+ without the shoe dongle, 16 watch interfaces, and a lower price.

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The death of the iPod Classic

Let’s talk iPhone event could be the death of some iPods

Sources are indicating that when Apple announces the next iPhone on 4th October media event it is also likely that they will announce the end of the iPod Classic and Shuffle, marking the end of an era and the product that started the modern Apple adventure.

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iPod deals: Up to £75 off selected Bose docks combined with iPod

Both PC World and Currys are currently running combo deals on Bose SoundDocks and iPod Touch / iPod Classic with a saving of between £25 to £75 depending on the Bose SoundDock model. See all the deals here.

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Why Apple is not worrying about the iPod – its better to eat your own

As Apple is preparing to deliver their quarterly results there are speculations around the future of the iPod, but i see no reason for Apple to worry and neither should you, unless you dream of times past. Find out more here.

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Yes to larger 3D screen iPod Touch – consumer poll result

Our iPod Touch 5 poll results indicate that consumers want glasses free 3D screen and multicolored iPhone form factor from the next iPod Touch 5th generation. While rumors of smaller screen iPad still exists, consumers seem to prefer the current iPod Touch.

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Apple product placements takes Hollywood by storm

Why Hollywood loves Apple products – product placements

For more than a decade now Apple has been dominating product placements in movies and television in the US. Take for example the Apple iPad taking up an entire episode of the hit US comedy show Modern Family. Find out more about this and other Apple product placements.

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iPhone 5 and WWDC 2011 could be scheduled for 5th June

The Apple WWDC 2011 could be taking place between the 5th-9th June this year as the normal venue is booked for an undisclosed corporate event for those dates. Based on this it is also likely that June 5th will be the date when Apple introduces the iPhone 5 and the new iOS 5.

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Apple in 2011: Monthly iPhone, iPad and Apple prediction calendar

This year has been a stellar one for Apple with the launch of the Apple iPad and iPhone 4 as highlights. Here are our Apple predictions for 2011 by month, including the launch of the iPad 2, a new iPhone 5 with support for Verizon perhaps, and knowing Apple we will likely get a surprise or two in the new year as well. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

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The late Christmas gifts that keep on giving

A gift card for digital content for the iPhone, iPod or iPad is the gift that keeps on giving throughout Christmas. There are many choices for those that are late with the Christmas shopping, including Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards. Find out more here.

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Download ‘When we collide’ by Matt Cardle :X-Factor 2010 winner

Matt Cardle has just won the UK X-Factor 2010 and the new single ‘When we collide’ is now available to download through iTunes or to buy from Amazon UK. Matt… Read more »

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Great deals online

Black Friday is on the 26th November this year and the day when many retailers kickstart Christmas season with some great deals, including Apple, and now also Amazon UK which has announced a week of Black Friday deals starting on Monday 22nd November. Find more Black Friday deals here.

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Deals on previous generation iPods at Amazon UK

Warehouse Deals by Amazon UK is their new service where you can find great deals on returned products that are in good as new order. Find deals on previous generation Apple iPods and lots of other products that could make for great Christmas presents.

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Consumer electronics giant Best Buy launches UK website

Consumer electronics giant Best Buy has finally launched their UK ecommerce website, providing you with another source for buying your Apple related products online. Best Buy stock amongst other things the Apple iPad, all new iPods, latest speaker docks and headphones + much more.

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Apple is hijacking Christmas – traditional toys lose out

If we are to believe the latest Duracell Toy Report two thirds of kids between the age of 5 and 16 wants Apple gadgets for Christmas this year, with the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad ranking top of the list. Will there be Apple presents under your tree this year?

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Which Apple product do you want to buy or receive for Christmas 2010? Take our survey

Which Apple product are you most likely to want/buy for Christmas this year? Is it the Apple iPad, the iPhone 4, the new Macbook Air, or perhaps accessories like speaker docks or headphones? Take our survey and find out more.

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