Download iTunes 10.5 while you wait for iOS 5

It is the big iOS 5 release date and while you wait it is recommended to download the new iTunes 10.5 version, which comes with iCloud integration and will enable you to download iOS 5 without any delays. Find out more here.

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iCloud about to launch

iCloud on the verge of going international

It looks like Apple might be announcing international roll out of iCloud and iTunes Match soon as reports say they are close to international licensing agreements with major music rights holders. Good news for us here in the UK.

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iCloud supporting ‘streaming’ another sign of low-cost iPhone coming [beta insight]

Developers have received access to the iTunes Match beta, part of the iCloud service, revealing that it will support streaming after all, a feature not mentioned when it was first announced, and perhaps another sign of a lower cost iPhone coming soon.

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iCloud goes live for developers + pricing announced

Apple has pushed iCloud beta live for developers to start using and at the same time shared the pricing structure of the service, which is not bad on an annual basis depending on how much storage you require outside the free 5GB. Find out more here.

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iTunes in the cloud turns grey for the UK: delayed until 2012

Apple customers in the UK might have to wait until next year for iTunes in the cloud while Apple is negotiating with music industry about royalty fees – talk about making an otherwise cold summer even more grey!

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iCloud is about independency not streaming

iCloud is about removing dependancy and not storage

While many of us believed that the iCloud was about streaming music Apple has made it clear that it is about independence more than anything else – independence from other devices and programmes. Find out more here.

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iTunes 10.3 beta available to download with a taste of iCloud

Apple has released iTunes 10.3 beta for download giving you access to some iCloud features, such as past app and book purchases + auto-download to all iOS and Mac devices. Find out more about iTunes 10.3 beta here.

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A taste of the iCloud today

Apple has already released a small taste of the iCloud offering to UK customers through auto-sharing of Apps and Books across devices, and by adding easy access to all previous app purchases in the App Store.

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