Apple Spring Forward iWatch event invite

Apple ready to ‘Spring Forward’ with iWatch event

Selected press today received invites to an upcoming 9th March Apple event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with the theme catchphrase ‘Spring Forward’ which seems to be a play on Daylight Savings Time, making it almost certain that the focus of the event will be on the iWatch.

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Invitation Apple event 16th October 2014

Yes, it has been too long Apple! Announcement of likely iPad media event

Apple has announced a new media event for 16th October with the tag line “It has been way to long”, likely to refer to update versions of the iPad, but could there be some iPod news in there as well?

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Here’s the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

After months of speculations and rumours, it’s official. Apple today announced and showcased to the world the new iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and its big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch screen. Gone are the days when Apple believed phablets would never become popular.

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Apple September event 2014

It’s official: Apple event takes place 9th September, but what will be presented?

This week it was made official that Apple is holding one of their annual events on the 9th September, a time that we who follow Apple have grown accustomed to associating with the launch of the next iPhone, or in the case of latter years, iPhones. As usual the messaging on the invites themselves are cryptic, but what can we expect? Besides the new iPhone(s)…

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Apple iWatch concept (source: 9to5mac)

The Apple iWatch round-up: features, release date & athlete testing

While Apple did not talk about their iWatch at WWDC, there has not been a lack of information, news, rumours, and speculations in the week following the conference. We have collated all the latest, including information on functionality, and pro athlete testing of the Apple wearable tech in our Apple iWatch round-up.

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A quick guide to iOS 8

A quick guide to iOS 8

Don’t have time to read pages and pages of updates about how great iOS 8 will be? We have tried to pull all the relevant news together in a short and sweet format, so why don’t you check our quick guide to the new and useful features coming in iOS 8.

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iPad trade-in program comes to UK Apple retail stores

About a month after Apple announced their iPad trade-in program for retail stores in the US and Canada it looks like the program has found its way across the pond to Europe, including us here in the UK. According to the information you should now be able to trade in your iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini at Apple stores in exchange for a newer model iOS device.

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Apple and Beats logo

Is Apple looking to change Beats? literally

The news broke late last week, but now it looks like Apple buying Beats Electronics is confirmed (Finanical Times). The $3.2 billion deal has left a lot of people in the tech industry scratching their heads, wondering why Apple is so keen to get their hands on the brainchild of Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre.

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iPhone 6 image leak Sonny Dickson

iPhone 6 reported to be a smaller iPad

A new leaked image of what could be the back panel of the iPhone 6 reveals a larger and more rounded edge iPhone with a design similar to what we are currently seeing from the iPad Mini amongst other. Could this be a sign of Apple making an iPhone Phablet?

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12 days of christmas gifts app

Apple makes 12 days of Christmas app available to download

In true Christmas tradition Apple has launched their 12 days of Christmas gifts app that will be providing us with store freebies for 12 days, starting on the 26th December. Make sure to download it in time for the first gifts to be handed out.

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Apple Black Friday deals

And the big Black Friday deals kick off – happy shopping!

The day is here and the deals are out. Black Friday is here, and whether you are standing in line to get into a store to grab a bargain or just plan to trawl the internet for great deals, it’s time to get ready as there are some very good offers out there today. Here’s an overview of some of the great deals.

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Black Friday deals UK

And Black Friday week officially kicks off

Shoppers, get your cards ready as Black Friday week kicks off around the globe, including here in the UK and the US, with retailers such as Amazon starting their week of deals from today. To help you find the best bargains on iPhone and iPad related products, we will be pulling together deals throughout the week.

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New new iPad line up

iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini – Highlights from Apple 22nd October event

Apple has concluded quite the busy keynote tonight, an event that included plenty of information about the latest Maverick OS update, new iLife and iWork apps, new Macbook Pros, and the impressive Mac Pro. But stealing the show was the new iPad Air (5th generation iPad), followed by the new Retina iPad Mini.

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Apple store down ahead of iPad event

Apple store is down – busy getting updated with new iPads perhaps

The Apple store online is now down as they are busy updating it, likely with amongst other the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini Retina that is expected to be announced later on today. Walking past a high street Apple store earlier, there was a clear lack of any window displays as well.

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Apple invite iPad event 22 October

Apple still has ‘a lot to cover’ as they announce 22nd October event

Apple has now officially sent out invites to a 22nd October event, where they say “We still have a lot to cover”. It is widely expected that this is the date we will get the first official looks at the next generation iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, amongst other.

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Leaked image iPad 5 profile

New images show a much thinner iPad 5

New images have leaked online showing what is believed to be the next iPad 5 which Apple is expected to announce alongside the new iPad Mini 2 at a media event on the 22nd October (all rumours at this stage).

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Leaked shell of iPad 5 in space grey

More signs of 5th generation iPad as space grey and silver shells leaked

With the new iPhones successfully launched the attention turns to what comes next; a new generation of iPads. Based on the latest leaks, it looks like the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will receive a similar color treatment as the iPhone 5S, showcased here by images of space grey shells.

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iPhone 5S and 5C

Busy weekend for Apple as they record 9 million iPhone sales

It has been a busy few days for Apple around the world as the new iPhone 5S and 5C went on sale, recording a massive 9 million units sold in the first 3 days, a new record even for Apple, despite analyst raising doubt over smartphone market being saturated (they might still be proven right).

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New budget iPhone 5C

Apple makes iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S official

The wait is over, the next iPhone(s) have arrived, and they are pretty much what the rumour mill has expected over recent weeks; a plastic, colorful, low cost iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 5S with Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

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Apple iPhone event 10th September invite

Apple makes September 10th event official!

While the message on the invitation is cryptic as always, saying; “This should brighten everyone’s day”, anything other than the announcement of two new iPhone’s would be a massive shock. We expect to see Apple take the stage to present both the new iPhone 5S and the budget model iPhone 5C, where the C is likely to stand for color, referring to the message on the invitation.

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