iPad trade-in program comes to UK Apple retail stores

About a month after Apple announced their iPad trade-in program for retail stores in the US and Canada it looks like the program has found its way across the pond to Europe, including us here in the UK. According to the information you should now be able to trade in your iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini at Apple stores in exchange for a newer model iOS device.

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Belkin QODE Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case

Review Belkin QODE Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case

While I’m yet to test some of the biggest rivals for the Belkin QODE Ultimate, I’m very happy with this one. As someone that does a lot of typing, having a physical keyboard with the iPad Air just allows me to travel a lot lighter, not having to bring both a macbook and the iPad when out and about. Good functionality, splim profile, responsive keyboard, and great battery life (used for a month and yet to charge) makes the Belkin QODE Ultimate for iPad Air a winner in my book.

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iPad Pro concept

Is there an iPad Pro with 4k screen in the pipeline?

Somehow it does not come as a surprise that Apple might be working on a Pro version of the iPad, just like they have done with the MacBook range. The latest rumours are that Apple is testing different screen technologies to go with the IPad Pro, including so a called 4k screens with a resolution around 3840×2160.

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New iPad Mini with Retina display

iPad Mini Retina goes on sale in UK

The fireworks might have been left for later, but this morning Apple started selling the new iPad Mini Retina through their stores and online here in the UK. It is expected that the iPad Mini Retina will be a big seller this Christmas, so it could be a good idea to get your orders in early.

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New new iPad line up

iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini – Highlights from Apple 22nd October event

Apple has concluded quite the busy keynote tonight, an event that included plenty of information about the latest Maverick OS update, new iLife and iWork apps, new Macbook Pros, and the impressive Mac Pro. But stealing the show was the new iPad Air (5th generation iPad), followed by the new Retina iPad Mini.

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iPad smart cover

Apple could be ‘uncovering’ a surface style keyboard cover for iPad 5

With new iPads being the hot ticket for tomorrows Apple event, a few people have being speculating around the message around the event, and especially about the ‘more to cover’ part of the messaging. One of the interpretations include Apple getting ready to deliver a Surface style keyboard cover for the iPad 5.

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Apple invite iPad event 22 October

Apple still has ‘a lot to cover’ as they announce 22nd October event

Apple has now officially sent out invites to a 22nd October event, where they say “We still have a lot to cover”. It is widely expected that this is the date we will get the first official looks at the next generation iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, amongst other.

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Leaked image iPad 5 profile

New images show a much thinner iPad 5

New images have leaked online showing what is believed to be the next iPad 5 which Apple is expected to announce alongside the new iPad Mini 2 at a media event on the 22nd October (all rumours at this stage).

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Leaked shell of iPad 5 in space grey

More signs of 5th generation iPad as space grey and silver shells leaked

With the new iPhones successfully launched the attention turns to what comes next; a new generation of iPads. Based on the latest leaks, it looks like the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will receive a similar color treatment as the iPhone 5S, showcased here by images of space grey shells.

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Meet the new iPhone 5

Record sales for iPhone in Q3 2013 while iPad and iPod sales drop

Apple released its fiscal Q3 2013 results yesterday and the iPhone was once again the hero of the day, reporting record Q3 sales of 31.2 million units, helping Apple to beat market estimates with $35.3 billion in revenue and $6.9 billion net profit (down from $8.8 billion in Q3 2012).

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Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for iPad

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for iPad review

Generally I’m not a fan of cases that add bulk to my iPad 4, but having tried out the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case, I realize there are times when it is actually very useful. Especially when executed as well as Belkin has done with this one.

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Apple iPad Mini and iPad 4

Where to buy the iPad Mini and iPad 4 in UK

Both the iPad Mini and the iPad 4 are now available to buy in the UK. Demand is big and supply can be short to be begin with, but here are some of the places to where you can buy both the iPad Mini and the new Retina iPad 4.

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Apple has a 'little' something to show us on 23rd October

Apple has got a ‘little’ more (read iPad Mini) to show us on 23rd October

Apple has sent out invites to a 23rd October event where they have ‘a little more to show you’ which is heavily believed to be the iPad Mini, with the key word to linger on being ‘little’. More about what to expect inside.

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Apple rumored to have 7-inch iPad ready for September

Magic number 7 as Apple is preparing the iPad Mini

WSJ is reporting that Apple supply chain is preparing for mass production of a smaller screen iPad in September. Has the success of the Kindle Fire and the recent launch of the Nexus 7 from Google forced Apple’s hand into delivering an alternative iPad size? More inside.

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Does the new iPad really offer 4G in the UK? Not likely

There are reports that the built in 4G LTE support in the new iPad is not compatible with coming 4G LTE networks planned for the UK, as they operate at different frequencies compared with the AT&T in the U.S and the Canadian networks. Find out more here.

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Apple drops price of iPad 2 in wake of new iPad announcement

Whilst todays announcement was all about the new iPad with Retina display and some of the great new apps available to use with the impressive screen, Apple also decided to keep the iPad 2 in the market at a lower price. Find out more.

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New iPad with Retina display (Apple website screenshot)

Apple announces new iPad with Retina display [breakdown]

We all seem to have got the naming wrong, but Apple today announced the ‘new iPad’ featuring an impressive Retina display, an improved 5-megapixel camera, quad-core graphics, and a host of other new features and apps that is likely to create new queues of buyers around the world.

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Amazing iPad 3 concept video from Aatma Studios

If only this was the coming iPad 3 [concept]

Every now and then a concept design comes along that just blows our mind and would likely make the otherwise genius Apple designers take notice as well. The latest iPad 3 concept from Aatma Studio is one of those. Now if only this could be what Apple is announcing on Wednesday.

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Meet the iPad 3S

iPad 3S is the new iPad 3 [prediction]

While we wait for Apple to make the announcement on 7th March, speculations around the name of the next generation iPad with Retina Display are making its rounds. My prediction; Apple might call it the iPad 3S and it will feature retina display and Siri voice assistant.

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Apple sends out invitations to iPad 3 event on 7th March

Apple makes iPad 3 event on 7th March official

Apple sends out invitations to what is likely the retina display iPad 3 event on 7th March at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, promising to show us something we really have to see. And touch.

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