Camera next for iPod Touch and iPod Nano

The focus these days might be around the expected announcement of the 3rd generation iPhone in June, but there are also two other products that are delivering good results for the Apple bottom line; the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano. Latest rumors to surface is that Apple is looking to roll out camera functionality to these popular iPod models.

The iPod Touch is currently one of Apple’s top performing products and living up to its mantra as the “funnest iPod ever” much thanks to the many applications and games now available to download through the iTunes App Store. At the same time as the rumors about the next generation iPhone started to surface, the same rumors started around the 3rd generation iPod Touch, an enhanced version that will have improved features compared to its current model, and expected to be announced some time in September.

Camera next for iPod Touch

The iPod Touch will this summer get the same upgrade as the iPhone to the iPhone OS 3.0, which amongst other with provide enhanced features for gaming, surfing, and not to mention that it will release bluetooth capabilities that has been dormant in the current iPod Touch model. We mentioned that a camera could be the natural next step for the iPod Touch in that earlier article following the initial rumors, and with the latest rumors it looks like this might become a reality.

Considering that the iPod Touch has access to most of the same applications as the iPhone, and the fact that many of these applications can take advantage of the camera functionality of the iPhone, it does make sense that Apple brings the camera functionality to the iPod Touch as well. This will also open up for great new gaming applications and functionality to make the iPod Touch even more fun and social.

Now, the rumors also specify that the camera might be rolled out for the iPod Nano as well, which would be really interesting considering the miniscule size of the iPod Nano. But bringing a camera functionality to a device this small will be an interesting feature that surely will make the iPod Nano even more popular. Not to mention the fact that it is another way for Apple to extend the lifecycle of the iPod Nano, as with its lower price point we can see many people wanting to upgrade from their current model to the iPod Nano featuring a camera.

The missing iPod from the camera rumors is the iPod Classic. There are however nothing stopping Apple from rolling out the same camera functionality to the iPod Classic as well, however i think that Apple will be looking to keep the iPod Classic as just that; the classic iPod, focusing on its music and video playing capabilities. There are rumors about a potential new iPod Classic as well that i will cover in a post of its own.

Never a dull day in camp Apple!


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19 Responses to "Camera next for iPod Touch and iPod Nano"

  1. Dave says:

    Why not have a camera for the iPod Touch, but with that ugly design… I’m not happy. Hope they make it a sleek design not a huge camera in the middle.

    Also, keep the chrome besel APPLE!!

  2. James says:

    That is a VERY ugly design. I am guessing It will look more like the iPhone’s camera

  3. YaOwEn says:

    NO CAMERA for the new iPod Touch 3rd gen !!!! there are alot of security-sensitive professionals out there unable to bring in any camera device in to the work place! or they can come out 2 model 1 with and 1 without the camera!

  4. Jypson says:

    I completely agree with you YaOwEn. Though I am really looking forward to their 3rd Gen, it would be a deal breaker if I couldn’t bring it into the office because of a built in camera .

  5. xcdemon05 says:

    I totally disagree. Although for some the camera may not allow you to bring it to work or whatever, for the other 99% of the population it will create a near flawless device even closer to perfection. Plus, you COULD just buy a 2nd gen…

  6. jp says:

    Guys im sorry to point this out but A apple never releases a design early B that ipod dosnt even have an app store button!!!!!!! reallly guys that is a horribly photoshoped ipod seriously

  7. Zach Wasson says:

    A camera would be a definite improvement in my opinion and the deciding factor in weather or not to get it and not just hold on to my 2nd gen.

  8. a person says:

    most of the people in the world probably would want a camera on the ipod touch, instead of getting pics of the internet, just take a pic yourself.

  9. a pimp named elmo holla says:

    isnt there suppose to be an external speaker?

  10. seiyakou says:

    JP, knock it off. Don’t post lies.

    Anyway, I’m super excited and glad that Apple is finally releasing a camera feature for the iTouch! To those who dont want it, you can just stick with the 2nd gen instead. Simple as that. I hope Apple continues to add the camera feature (And hopefully, a microphone too) into this new IPod Touch and I’m going to be one heckuva happy person. :D

    I agree that the design is ugly (where am I going to add the engraved message? The 2nd gen had it smack dab in the middle, where the camera hole is =( ), I was hoping Apple would move the hole to the right corner, and maybe make it smaller too? No need to make it so huge.

    Anyway, I hope all these rumors will come true. I expect to hear some good news this mid-August. :D

  11. Jon says:

    Wait… people don’t actually think that picture is real right? its just a first gen ipod touch advertisement picture that just has a big camera pasted in the middle, giving an example of what it could look like… this isn’t Apple’s design…

  12. GoFigYour says:

    Durr. The new one will be 2nd gen quaLity and have a camera. Comes out sept 7th

  13. Pimp a says:

    I heard 3g itouch will have an x ray camera that can see boobies through a girls shirt

  14. Mr. Sir says:

    The cameras gonna be cool you guys are just stupid if you dont want a camera dont buy it

  15. Will says:

    I would definintely buy it if what ‘Pimp a’ said was true.

  16. Dan says:

    WOW. who ever believes this picture is stupid. first of all thats the 1st generation ipod with an edited camera. It doesnt even have the app store or volume buttons. I believe they will come out with the 3rd generation with a camera but thats far from an accurate picture

  17. Maddie says:

    *~I Agree that that is a POORLY photo-shopped Ipod. But I do hope that the new one does have a camera but that is just a bad photo-shopped ipod touch~*

  18. amannnnnnddddaa says:

    I read other blogs about the ipod touch 3g and i heard that there will be NO camera because there wouldn’t be enough room. Plus, Why not buy the i phone if theres going to be a camera.?

  19. hun says:

    ipod touch 3rd generatoin is funny

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