Cambridge Audio MINX Go bluetooth speaker will keep you going for 18 hours

Cambridge Audio Minx Go bluetooth portable speaker

Cambridge Audio have already released a couple of AirPlay speakers in the MINX range this year in the Minx Air 100 and Air 200, and with the addition of a smaller portable Bluetooth speaker in the Minx Go, they have what could be a very strong line up for the audio hungry smartphone owners out there.

Cambridge Audio Minx Go bluetooth portable speaker

It is always great to see reputable companies like Cambridge Audio pushing the boundaries of what to expect from bluetooth speakers at the £100 price point, and from initial impressions and reports, it sure looks like the Minx Go could be a winner. They have maintained a design similar to their AirPlay siblings, and for those familiar with main competitors such as Bose SoundLink and Philips Fidelio P9, the design is similar. Available in black or white finish with a build quality that feels strong and able to stand being carried around, given that it is a portable speaker after all.

The Minx Go has some stand out features as well, especially when it comes to its built-in lithium ion battery, promising up to 18 hours of playtime between charges when set to ‘background’ listening. That is close to double the usual play time found in many of its competitors, not to mention that it only takes about two hours to charge it back up to full juice. When the Minx Go is hardwired for charging, you can also connect your portable media player to its USB socket for charging. In addition to bluetooth streaming you can also connect your media player using the 3.5mm line-in connection. The Go will also remember up to 8 devices over bluetooth for faster connection once initial pairing has been completed.

Cambridge Audio have been able to cram in a 5 speaker array into the Minx Go, including dual 2-inch woofers, 2 titanium tweeters, and a rear-mounted bass radiator. According to Cambridge Audio themeselves, the on board DSP (Digital Signal Processing) ensures consistent and distortion free performance.

Overall it looks like Cambridge Audio is delivering a lot of bang for the buck with the Minx Go, so i can’t wait to have an ears-on test with the speaker to see if it lives up to the expectations. Supporting their case is already a top rating from WhatHifi.

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[source: Cambridge Audio]


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One Response to "Cambridge Audio MINX Go bluetooth speaker will keep you going for 18 hours"

  1. Friedel says:

    Since 13th of June I am an owner of a minx go.As I posted here http://superdide.blogspot.de/2013/06/minx-go-der-erste-eindruck-licht-und.html
    (in german)
    there’s a kind of humming or rattle along with the case. Aslo I got some bluetooth interruptions at odd times.
    Can someone confim these issues on another device, or is it just a problem with my device.

    kind regards

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