Is the B&W Zeppelin compatible with the new 3G iPhone? Yes is the answer

Update 26/01/2009

Following on from earlier correspondance and reports that the B&W Zeppelin speaker dock is iPhone 3G compatible, we can now confirm that this is indeed true.

After contact the people at B&W themselves about this, we can confirm that although the speakers do not carry the ‘Made for iPhone’ mark, they are fully compatible, including GMS shielding and use of the iPhone without putting it in flight mode. So if you are considering buying some great speakers for your iPhone 3G, you can safely buy the B&W Zeppelin. In the UK it is amongst other available from John Lewis for £390.

Here is an excerpt from our recent correspondance with B&W regarding this:

Zeppelin is fully shielded from GSM noises, so there are no annoying hums or beeps when the phone is not in Airplane Mode. Zeppelin was designed to work with iPhone and iPhone 3G, so when the phone is playing music and there is a call, the phone rings through Zeppelin and the music mutes. When the call is completed and you replace the iPhone on the dock, the music will ramp back up to the volume that it was at prior to the call. Zeppelin is not certified “Works With iPhone”, so you will see a bubble asking if you want to go into “Airplane Mode” when you dock the iPhone. Answering “NO”, unlocking the phone or doing nothing for a few seconds and the bubble will go away automatically. 

Update 03/07/2008

For those of you that has read our earlier B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker review will know that the Zeppelin is compatible with the original iPhone. We are however wondering if there will be any issues when it comes to the new 3G iPhone, so we sent an email to B&WZeppelin  customer service to check. This is the answer we got back from them.

“Until the new iPhone 3G actually begins shipping we will be unable to fully answer this question as we won’t have access to this product to test it on Zeppelin until it officially ships July 11th. However, Apple has forwarded us drawings of the new phone and we can confirm it should physically fit on the Zeppelin arm without a problem. Additionally, we have not been asked to re-certify for the new iPhone so we don’t believe there should be any additional issues with antennas, etc. Based on this I would assume the new iPhone should work fine with Zeppelin, however without physically being able to test the unit with Zeppelin I cannot say with 100% confidence there will be no issues with the iPhone 3G and Zeppelin.”

As we can see there should not be any problems, but we are sure that B&W will be more than helpful should any issues appear.


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6 Responses to "Is the B&W Zeppelin compatible with the new 3G iPhone? Yes is the answer"

  1. Tim says:

    The new 3G iphone does play music on the zeppelin however that is about it – At the start it says it is not fully compatible and asks to be switched to airplane mode. As far as i can tell no other features ie speaker settings seem to be available.

  2. Tim says:

    I take that back you can adjust the speakers, this is my first iphone so dont know what other features the 2g iphone had on the zeppelin. It seems to have the same functions as the ipod touch. When receiving a call the sound only comes out of the phone speakers and not the zeppelins

  3. Simon says:

    I have the BW Zeppelin and although the iPhone 3G play iPod music it does not let you use the Pandora App on it. For some reason it will play for a half a second and then stops playing the song. This seems like something the BW People could solve with an update to the software, but I have yet to get a response from them or seen any kinda of software up date since I bought it 6 months ago.

  4. sthanx says:

    Docking iPhone 3G on Zeppelin, all iPod functions are available — even the bass sound settings under Settings > Speakers.
    Unfortunately, an unbecoming hiss and statics rumble ruins the performance of the Zeppelin with the iPhone.
    Several users mention it here :

  5. Thanks for the review :) I’ll keep your info in mind before I make a purchase.

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