Bricked iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch following iOS 4.3.3 update

Have you experienced your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch becoming bricked following update to the latest iOS 4.3.3 release? Then you are not alone as reports are coming in of thousands of customers experiencing issues (bricking) following running the upgrade through iTunes.

Customers experiencing bricking following iOS 4.3.3 update

iOS 4.3.3 was a release that perhaps came out a bit to quick from Apple to address the issues referred to as ‘locationgate’ where information on the whereabouts of iOS owners was made available. It could be that the urgency to get the release out left to Apple missing it out some issues that has resulted in some customers experiencing bricking of their iOS device.

So what can you do about it?

Unfortunately this is an issue that only Apple can fix at the moment, so the message received telling you that “the device might be damaged and cannot be activated for service…” gives you the instructions you need. Take your device to the closest Apple store or approved Apple retailer for help.

If anyone has found other ways to fix this or has reports of other issues following iOS 4.3.3, please leave a comment below.

[source: Nexus404]


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One Response to "Bricked iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch following iOS 4.3.3 update"

  1. Pete Kottmann says:

    I have a 32gb WiFi model and since update to 4.3.3 I constantly find I lose Internet connectivity. It typically happens if I were to close and reopen the smart cover or if it were to go into auto lock mode.

    My workaround has been to go into WiFi settings and to turn it off and back on, a real pain-in-the-ass because all was fine BEFORE I updated to 4.3.3

    Pete K

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