Breaking news: New iPods to be announced Sept 9th

For those of you that have not already followed the ongoing debate over the last couple of months about the ‘post 3g iPhone’ next generation iPod, do not worry, as Apple has confirmed their San Francisco iPod event for Sept 9th, one at which we have in previous years seen the launch of new iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and the iPod Classic.There is no doubt that this years event will come with a few updates to the iPod as well, with a new generation iPod Nano being the hottest bet. Many are however also hoping to see upgrades to the iPod Touch and potentially the iPod Classic. We might even see the last update for the iPod Shuffle with an 4gb upgrade. While listing out what might be, we can all cross our fingers and hope that we might also see a price drop on the iPod leading up to Christmas shopping.

This iPod event should also give us an answer as to the leaked iPod Nano design posted by Kevin Rose earlier. Right now the iPod Nano looks to be the safest bet as to a complete upgrade to a new generation iPods. If the leaked design is fairly on the ball, then it will have addressed issues around screen size for watching videos etc. on the iPod Nano. By going back to a design more in line with the 2nd generation iPod Nano, they will create more space for a slightly larger screen that will also be in widescreen format.

As for the iPod Touch, we can all hope that we will see an improvement in memory capability to 64gb, perhaps GPS functionality, and would it not be lovely if they could integrate a microphone. Lets see how much of our iPod Touch wishlist we can cross off!

We will follow these stories closely over the coming weeks and bring you any breaking news before, during, and after the event.


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