B&W Zeppelin Air with Airplay streaming review

B&W Zeppelin AIr

The B&W Zeppelin might not have been the first Airplay speaker to be announced, but it was amongst the first to become available in the market, and what better way to get the Airplay speaker market going then with one of the most iconic iOS device speakers in history.

Meet the Zeppelin Air from B&W

The Zeppelin Air builds further on the legendary B&W Zeppelin speaker dock design so should be familiar for most audiophile iPod and iPhone owners out there, and sure to be one of the most popular Apple AirPlay speakers out there.

New version available! B&W Zeppelin Air with Lightning dock

Besides the addition of Airplay functionality, B&W have also made some other improvements to the Zeppelin Air compared to the original, including a fully active 2.1 design that means that all five speaker units are individually driven by audiophile Class D amplifiers. In fact, they have redesigned the entire inside of the Zeppelin to bring you what they deem as the ‘best sounding iPod speaker ever produced’. The new set up helps to create better sound dispersion for that room filling sound.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air with AirPlay

Zeppelin Air also has the latest in audiophile DAC (Digital to Analogue converters) ensuring you get the best sound possible at audiophile quality 96kHz/24bit DAC from your digital music files, even over wireless connection using the Apple AirPlay functionality.

Besides being able to play music over AirPlay without having your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad docked, the Zeppelin Air also features the Zeppelin well known airspring dock connector. The dock is compatible with all iPod and iPhone models, and will charge the unit when docked, but it does not support docking for the Apple iPad.

For those that have had a chance to listen to the original Zeppelin speaker dock, you are unlikely to be disappointed with the performance of the Zeppelin Air. Having had a chance to listen to it a few times i’m impressed with the performance and the well balanced sound. For home use there is plenty of power, but perhaps more importantly, the sound was well balanced across a range of volume settings, an issue often found with many other speaker docks where performance can feel very different between low and high volumes.

The Airplay speaker market is picking up and there are some strong contenders out there, but there is no doubt in my mind that the B&W Zeppelin Air delivers both in terms of sound as well as design.

Price information

The B&W Zeppelin Air is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Demand is high for this speaker dock so grab one before they go out of stock.


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