B&W P5 Headphones: Bowers and Wilkins headphone quality

B&W P5 headphones

There is no better incentive than the success of the Apple iPod and iPhone to make the good people over at Bowers & Wilkins move into the headphone market, and with the B&W P5  noise cancellation headphones they have jumped straight in at the top of the game.

B&W P5 headphones

For you iPod and iPhone fans out there Bowers & Wilkins are probably better known for their high-end iPod sound systems with the iconic and legendary B&W Zeppelin and its little brother, the Zeppelin Mini, both systems at the top of their game and at the top of everyone’s iPod docking station wishlist. Now you also have to consider adding their first serious entry into the headphone market, their B&W P5 Hi-Fi Headphones to the list as well.

B&W refer to their new P5 headphones as a “concert for one”, meaning it is delivering great audio quality along with noise cancellation ensuring the music does not get disturbed by the ruckus of the outside world. They have also focused on providing a natural high quality Hi-Fi sound without any boosting of either bass or treble, giving you music in its pure form. I have to admit after testing them, that i would have to agree with them. The sound is very well-balanced, not too much bass but just enough, and the comfort factor is excellent.

By not boosting any aspects of the music they intend to keep the music as close to what the artists was aiming for as possible, thereby also positioning the P5 Headphones head to head with the very popular Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones, which in my personal opinion takes the edge when it comes to design and that all important “coolness factor”.

Then again, wearing a pair of Bowers & Wilkins branded headphones that does ooze of quality in every detail, from the closed back design with the metal faceplates to their use of New Zealand sheeps leather for that ultra comfortable feeling against your ears as you put these bad boys on your head to enjoy your favourite music.

The B&W P5 headphones comes with two cables; one with gold plated jack and one that is especially for the iPod and iPhone featuring a line control for easy speech and device control, allowing you to use the headphones for answering calls as well.

Price and availability

Quality always comes at a price, and the B&W P5 headphones are priced at the same range as the Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio at about £250 and is currently available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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  1. Julien says:

    Just for the record, it is not noise cancelling, just noise isolating…

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