Boston Acoustics i-DS3 plus iPod sound system

When it comes to the latest iPod sound system from Boston Acoustics i don’t think anyone of us were expecting them to deliver a budget system that was for the averate student dorm room, and that is definitely not the market for the Boston Acoustics i-DS3 Plus.

Boston Acoustics i-DS3 Plus - ipod sound system

There are two parts to the Boston Acoustic i-DS3 Plus, the main unit that features the iPod dock itself, and a wireless subwoofer that brings the extra power and qaulity to the sound without the hazzle of too many wires. The whole unit is very polished with very few buttons, making it a competitor to other quality iPod sound systems that features both good sound quality and design, such as the Focal XS iPod sound system that i have had the pleasure of reviewing earlier.

The main unit with the iPod dock measures roughly 5.5 x 15.6 x 6 inches with a sloped polished top where the iPod dock sits. It comes with 7 different adapters for the dock itself to ensure that your iPod docks perfectly in the otherwise sloped surface. At the back you will find the power connection, an RCA stereo audio input, both s-video and composite video output for watching movies from your iPod on your tv, and a wireless ID switch with four numbered positions, identical to the one found on the subwoofer to match the two units together wirelessly.

The sub unit itself measures 9.5 x 11.6 x 11.6 inches and has its own power connection. In most cases one would think that the two units would not sit that far apart that they could perhaps share power connection, although that would require wired connection between the two units. The subwoofer unit features 3.5 inch woofers, and the Boston Acoustics i-DS3 Plus comes with 100 watts of total power.

If you are an iPhone owner you will also be happy to hear that the Boston Acoustics i-DS3 Plus features GSM buzz shielding so there is no need to switch the iPhone to flight mode before enjoying the music on the system.

Now, as we mentioned, quality always comes at a price and the Boston Acoustics retail for about $450 at Amazon in the US. For our UK readers we are still trying to find who caries the Boston Acoustics i-DS3 and at what price, so if anyone knows please let us know so we can share it with the rest of the readers. Also check out some of the other quality iPod speaker docks in the market.

You might also want to check out the Cerulean TX+RX bluetooth adapter that allows you to play music directly from your iPod or iPhone without docking it with the speaker unit.

We will come back with further information when we have had a chance to fully test the Boston Acoustics i-DS3 Plus iPod sound system.


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