iSkin Cerulean TX+RX – turn your iPhone or iPod into a remote bluetooth music controller

iSkin Cerulean RX

After having invested in an iPod Touch and a high quality speaker dock, one of the things that i really wanted to be able to do was play music from my iPod Touch using the great music navigation of the iPod Touch while getting the great listening experience of my speaker dock. After searching online for a solution for a few days i came across the iSkin Cerulean RX+TX bluetooth adapters that allows me to enjoy the music experience without docking my iPod with the speakers.

iSkin Cerulean RX+TX bluetooth transmitter receiver for iPod and iPhoneThe iSkin Cerulean RX+TX is a new way to listen to the music on your iPod or iPhone wirelessly by using their great plug and play adapters using bluetooth 2.0 stream technology. The solution is actually as simple as explained on their website, as after opening the package i literally docked the bluetooth stereo dock adapter with my Focal XS speaker dock, plugged the transmitting adapter into my iPod Touch, and the two devices automatically found each other giving me the freedom of scrolling through my music library while listening to the high quality sound of my Focal XS sound system.

At the moment i have to use the transmitting adapter together with my iPod Touch, but this summer when the new iPhone OS 3.0 becomes available i can instead use the released bluetooth built in to the iPod Touch, allowing me to use my iPod to stream music wirelessly to the speaker dock without using any adapter with the iPod, only using the Cerulean RX bluetooth speaker dock adapter pairing it with the built in bluetooth of the iPod.

But the Cerulean RX does not only work with the iPod and iPhone, you can also play music straight off your computer if you have built in bluetooth, or from your mobile phone or other music device as long as it has bluetooth built in. All you have to do is pair the device with the Cerulean RX bluetooth dock adapter that is docked to your sound system.

So if you are looking for a way to play the music of your iPod or iPhone without having to dock it with your sound system then i can recommend the Cerulean RX+TX bluetooth receiver and transmitter. Personally i can’t wait to impress my friends next time i have a party.

Cerulean RX + TX bluetooth for iPod and iPhone


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  1. Ari says:

    Now if only they can add a stereo or analog plug to it, so that I can wirelesessly connect it to my 5.1 surround speaker system. If there isn’t already something out there like that though, I’d be really surprised. I would buy it right now. This is a nifty little device, remote heaven.

  2. I truly appreciate this article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

  3. I will tell my friends about this. I think everyone should read this. It is really very nice to visit this blog, It has got all the important and informative stuff that i wanted to know. Keep the good work going with such great spirit…

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