Bloomberg talks improved screen iPad 3 by end of year

Bloomberg what the hot source of news and rumors around Apple yesterday following their reports on the iPhone 5 coming in September as what i would describe as an ‘interior tuning’ job, but the iPhone 5 was not the only product covered in the article.

Apple iPad 2

According to Bloomberg sources Apple is also testing and getting the next iPad 3 ready for the end of this year with a one-third improved screen resolution and a more responsive touchscreen.

These screen resolution specifications don’t quite live up to the earlier rumors about an iPad 3 5-6 times screen improvement, but perhaps they are slightly more on the realistic side, although i struggle to see why Apple would deliver yet another iPad this year if those are all the improvements made to it. Fact is that Apple still has a very good control on the competition in the tablet race, so for them to deliver a new version at this stage would likely just result in some pissed off customers who have bought the iPad 2, and for Apple having cut the product lifecycle of the iPad 2 short, which is not like them at all.

Now this is just my opinion/guess, but the only reason i can see for Apple to bring out a third generation iPad this year would be if (a) they know there is a serious high-spec contender coming onto the market soon, or (b) they plan to take out the iPod Touch 5 and replace it with a new smaller screen iPad, which again would contradict earlier statements from Steve Jobs about smaller tablet sizes.

For now, your guess is as good as mine, but it is interesting to see reputed news sources like Bloomberg coming onto the arena with speculations around what is next from Apple.


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