Unlocked in 20 seconds – welcome to Blackra1n

The Blackra1n is the latest tool in the battle between those that believe the iPhone should be completely open and Apple. Developer George Hotz has been able to circumvent the latest iPhone OS 3.1.2 upgrade to allow usage of the iPhone 3GS across any network and with non-Apple approved apps.

Ever since the Apple iPhone first came out and was locked to one network and with the restrictions in terms of what you can download to your iPhone, there has been a constant race between the independent developers working to provide unlocks for the iPhone and Apple releasing firmware upgrades that kicks them back out again.

A few weeks back it was talked about how the new iPhone OS 3.1.2 upgrade would make it close to impossible for hackers to develop unlocking software for, but there are clearly some very clever developers out there that know their stuff and has provided us with the latest Blackra1n.

Rumor is that there are well over a million unlocked iPhones currently in the market worldwide, and an earlier survey we undertook also indicated that a lot of our readers had unlocked devices, or where considering unlocking their device so they could use non-Apple approved third party applications, and use their iPhone across networks.

The new Blackra1n iPhone jailbreak tool is supposed to be very easy to use and work across both PC and Mac. It is worth keeping in mind the warning from Apple that unlocking your iPhone could also open it up for hacking, and that it of course voids the warranty of your iPhone.

We are keen to hear from anyone who has tried the new BlackRa1n iPhone unlock – is it really that easy to use and have you had any problems with your iPhone following using it?


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  1. There is a full sub-industry inside the field of the mobile telephone market place area linked to the jailbreak or unlocking of the mobile phones so that they can be employed on any cellular network, and recent Supreme Court choices in the USA handed down have confirmed that the jailbreak business is legal and authentic. That is, stop-consumer consumers are fairly within their legal rights to do what they want to their mobile phone handset to permit the phone to work on other network carriers which is normally acknowledged as jailbreak or unlocking the network block.
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