Beyerdynamnic DTX71 iE in-ear headphones

Beyerdynamics headphones are not the easiest to find on the high street, but it is well worth going that extra distance to find a pair, including the Beyerdynamics DTX71 iE in-ear headphones.

Beyerdynamics DTX71 iE in-ear headphonesKey features of a good pair of in-ear headphones are a comfortable fit and a good well-balanced sound, and both these features can be hard to find amongst the more budget friendly headphones. The Beyerdynamic DTX71 iE headphones are small in size, build quality is reported to be good, and so is the comfort factor.

I am yet to test the Beyerdynamics DTX71 iE hands-on, but according to amongst other WhatHiFi, which gave the headphones a top mark, they are delivering loud and clear vocals as well as a powerful and precise bass.

I will be back with a full review of the Beyerdynamic DTX71 iE in-ear headphones soon, but at price point around £50 they sound like a potential bargain.

Price & availability

You can buy the Beyerdynamic DTX71 iE in-ear headphones from amongst other the following UK retailers.

* This is not a hands-on review as we have not had a chance to test this unit yet. Information in this post as based on publicly available information about the product.

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