Beyerdynamics to offer customization of headphones

Popular headphone brand Beyerdynamics have announced that they plan to start offering customers personalization of the Beyerdynamics T50p headphones through their website in the near future.

Beyerdynamic T50P portable headphones

The headphones will form part of their Manufaktur line, and customers can visit their website to customize their own headphones, choosing the color and material to be used, with prices varying depending on your selections and build time expected at around 2 weeks.

Personalization of products have become a trend amongst product manufacturers over the recent year, with Nike perhaps being the best known in terms of their Nike iD range where you can build your own custom Nike shoe. It looks like Beyerdynamics is setting out to build on the current popularity of designer headphones by allowing users to create their own headphones.

We will be back with more information on this when the service is launched. In the meantime you can check out other popular headphones here.

[source: Twice]


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