Beyerdynamic T50P portable headphones

The name among Apple iOS gadget owners might not be as household as Bowers & Wilkins, but don’t rule out Beyerdynamic when it comes to headphones as their latest Beyerdynamic T50P portable headphone is ready to take on the B&W P5.

Beyerdynamic T50P portable headphones

I guess one can say that the portable over-head headphone market is cyclical,  not unlike many fashion markets, and the recent years has seen a resurgence among the general public, and iPod/iPhone owners, for these more high-budget headphones. Perhaps we have Monster and Beats by Dr.Dre to partially thanks for this, but that does not mean that those are your only option for stylish high-quality headphones – count Beyerdynamic into that market as well.

The Beyerdynamic T50P headphones are light and portable, with a soft leather pad that makes them sit comfortable on your head. Their German industrial design comes through in both look and feel, and the earpads are comfortable with a good seal on the ears, providing a decent level of noise isolation.

When it comes to sound the Beyerdynamic T50P have done well enough to warrant a top score from amongst other WhatHiFi, which describes them as very precise, with bass notes with perfect timing, and high frequencies that are smooth and detailed.

Price information

The Beyerdynamic T50P headphone is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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* This is not a hands-on review as we have not had a chance to test this unit yet. Information in this post as based on publicly available information about the system.


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