Best Wireless 30-pin dock adapter – Bluetooth or AirPlay

Many of us already own speaker docks or sound systems that feature the 30-pin docking station for Apple devices, but that doesn’t necessarily have built in wireless streaming support, be it bluetooth or AirPlay. Throw into the mix that Apple has changed to the new Lightning connector on all new devices released, and there are a lot of people out there, just like you, that are looking at upgrading the sound system, or that need something, like a wireless dock adapter, to take their current system into the new wireless audio era.

We have tested a few of these 30-pin wireless dock adapters over the recent year, so decided to share some of our favourites right here.

Wireless Bluetooth or AirPlay dock adapters

Azatom Tune-Stream bluetooth 2.1 docking adapter
The Azatom Tune-Stream bluetooth 2.1 docking adapter is a small, functional and low cost way to make your...
iSkin Cerulean RX
Cerulean RX+TX is the latest solution from iSkin using bluetooth technology to allow you to play music wirelessly...
Auris Skye AirPlay dock adapter
After launching a Kickstarter project for a bluetooth docking adapter a while back, before pulling it, Auris is...
Dolry HiFi Stone 30-pin AirPlay dock adapter
While most of the dock adapter market has focused on Bluetooth or 30-pin to Lightning adapters, C4 Electronics...
The Vamp turns any speaker into a wireless speaker
While we are spoilt for choice, good or bad, when it comes to wireless speakers these days, not...
Layen i-sync bluetooth dock adapter
It's small, square, without any flashy colors or logos displayed. Its sole purpose is to blend in with...
eSynic wireless dock adapter
eSynic bluetooth dock adapter will help turn your existing non-wireless speaker dock into a wireless sound system, offering...
Avantree Saturn bluetooth receiver and transmitter
The Avantree Saturn is both a bluetooth transmitter and receiver (2-1), but the most interesting part is the...
7dayshop bluetooth audio receiver
While not directly a wireless dock adapter, the solution from 7dayshop could be a good alternative as it...
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