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The iPod Touch has become one of the big success stories for Apple since it was first launched and has established itself as a premier portable gaming platform, challenging the likes of Sony PSP and Nintendo DSI. But the iPod Touch is more than just a gaming platform, it is a complete multimedia device and is amongst other ideal as a music station combined with a good iPod Touch speakers dock / docking station.

Most iPod sound systems with docking station are these days compatible with the range of iPod Touch, providing you with a wide variety of choice for that nice home entertainment or portable sound system for the iPod Touch.

Here are some of our favourite iPod Touch speakers with docking station, arranged by home sound systems and portable sound systems.

iPod Touch speakers for home use

B&W Zeppelin ipod speaker
B&W Zeppelin The B&W Zeppelin has become an iPod speaker dock and design icon recognized as one of the premier sound systems for the iPod Touch or any other iPod for that matter. The design definitely stands out from the crowd, but the unit also brings a very strong and quality sound able to fill most room sizes with wonderful music. If you go some spare cash lying around, this is definitely a unit to go for.

Republic rating: 9/10

Price: John Lewis £390 – Price update!

Edifier IF500 Luna 5 speaker dock
Edifier If500 Luna 5Like the Zeppelin this speaker dock stands out from the crowd with its design. Some say it is an acquired taste that grows on you as they can look a bit odd at first sight, but it is definitely growing on us, not just because of the design but also because it delivers a good sound for its price class as a mid-tier iPod Touch speaker.

Republic rating: Not yet rated

Price: Amazon UK £145.99

Gear4 DUO iPod speaker dock system
Logitech Audiostation Express The Gear 4 Duo sits somewhere between a home audio system and a portable system as it can actually function as both with its detachable front cover that separates it from the bass unit and charging station. For those  that enjoys a good quality system at home, but at the same time likes to be able to take their music with them, the Gear 4 Duo is a strong candidate for the best match iPod Touch speaker dock.

Republic rating: 7/10

Price: Dixons £84.99 or Amazon UK £84.99


Portable iPod Touch speakers

Vestalife Firefly iPod speaker dock
Vestalife Firefly winged speaker dock Whether for use at home or at the office, or anywhere else for that matter, the Vestalife Firefly is an award winning unit that will go well with your iPod Touch as it got both class and functionality. This is definitely the iPod Touch speakers for those that want that extra portable sound system that will stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Republic rating: 7/10

Price: Amazon UK £92

Altec Lansing InMotion Max
Altec Lansing inMotion Max for iPod Touch The inMotion Max is the new flagship speaker dock from the world famous Altec Lansing producer. This is the portable companion for the iPod Touch as it comes with a chargeable battery that gives you a good 3.5 hours of playing time as well as a good quality sound for a portable unit in its price class. If you are looking for a good combined home and portable iPod Touch speakers, consider the inMotion Max.

Republic rating: To be rated

Price: Amazon UK £145


iPod Touch clock radios

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